AK47 raised, Muslim terrorist and Religion of Peace envoy roams the streets looking for more victims after slaughtering 37 people

The final moments of a machine gun-wielding terrorist, who slaughtered 37 innocent people and injured another 36 on a beach in Tunisia today, have been captured on camera.

AK47 in hand, he prowls the streets of Sousse, the popular resort town where he opened fire on the beach packed with holidaymakers.

The assassin is believed to be Seifeddine Yacoubi, 23, an aviation student from the Tunisian city of Kairouan.

It has emerged that a heroic British man, who was shot three times on the beach during the attack, bravely used his body as a human shield to protect his fiancee from being killed by the maniac gunman Muslim.

  • ontario john

    Perhaps when Harper hosts the next ramadan ding dong dinner party, he can display heads on the dining room wall to make his muslim guests feel at home. We could even have heads of Christians on display at the new Museum of islamic propaganda in Toronto in order to encourage the kiddies to convert to islam. And the new multi million dollar institute of islamic studies at the University of Toronto, could have world class courses on the proper methods of beheading.

  • I just don’t even know what to say anymore. What else can you add in deploring these atrocities?

  • Alain

    No he is NOT a maniac; he is a practising devout Muslim; end of story.

  • It is really the perfect metaphor for the condition of most of Western Civlization-lolling in the soporific sunshine, warm and happy in the illusion of luxury and security while our erstwhile protectors enable and consort with our enemies. This was no surprise attack this should have been easily predicted and thrwarted. I wouldn’t even go to some places in America without a sidearm, let lone a beach in North Africa.

    Our leisure classes, like our political and chattering classes, are pathetic and worse than useless.

  • Xavier

    Tunisia will shut down about 80 mosques accused of inciting violence, Prime Minister Habib Essid has said, after a beach attack that left 39 people dead.

    Too little, too late. Initiate The Purge.