Winston Churchill rated women out of 1,000, loved sex and was not gay, claims historian

“Winston was so determined the wedding night would go well he sought advice from an expert: his mother,” Ms Purnell said. “She reputedly had had 200 lovers. She obviously gave very good advice and it all went terribly well, so he wrote to her thanking her for the advice and telling her ‘we have loved and loitered’.

“Then, bizarrely, he wrote to Clementine’s mother, Lady Blanche, saying he found sex a ‘delightful occupation’, which is a strange thing to say to your mother-in-law.”

  • ntt1

    I believe his mom,Jenny Spencer , was lady Diana Spencer,s granny or something like that, the Spencers were a randy lot

    • Minicapt

      “Jeanette Jerome”, of New York City. She did not marry a Spencer.


      • ntt1

        There was a Spencer family connection between Churchill and Lady Diana I believe it was on his mothers side but it could have been on his dads side I’m sure you can look it up cheers

  • El Martyachi

    Jesus Christ… and I thought MY mother-in-law relationship was weird…

  • DD_Austin

    Sign of our times when breaking news is “Politican found NOT to be a pervert”
    and it’s takes a “historian”‘s sayso to take it believable.