The Crisis Period

John Derbyshire regularly makes the point that in Europe, what defines Right and Left is not economics, but immigration. The only reason they continue to use the old terms of “right” and “left” to describe the mainstream parties is habit. While there are some differences of opinion on economics, foreign policy and regulation between the German CDU and the SDP, for instance, those differences are trivial.

The real difference between modern mainstream parties in Europe is the aesthetics. This is expressed in the leaders they choose. It varies from country to country, but usually one side prefers a Cavalier and the other a Roundhead in terms of presentation. Otherwise, the parties agree on all the big stuff, particularly immigration.

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  • Elephant in the Thread

    It is coming to a crisis point in all countries with a European base and the people of these countries, just as all other peoples around the world, have a right to protect their national identities. Countries are not just pop culture du jour. Culture is created through long traditions of language, common foods, common religions, common history and common genetic identities. This is what makes up the core identity of the individual that they value and love. So when you import huge numbers of people that don’t share these common traits the identity that makes up the core of the individual starts to be lost as the national identity is lost. When governments bring in people of such vastly different backgrounds in such large number, often under the guise of protecting the human rights of these individuals, they are committing a human rights violation on their own people by eroding their core identity.

    • Censored_EG

      Excellent points above and very real. More and more people in Canada, for example, have less and less in common with their neighbours. Society is what we have, community is long gone in many/most locales, and social cohesion and a feeling belonging is increasingly becoming a thing of the past.

      • Jayme

        Hence we’re more easily manipulated by our political masters since we feel little loyalty to our neighbours and communities. And of course, another possible source of “divided” loyalties – the family – is under attack by progressives as well, and for similar reasons. The progressives’ plan to entrench their power is working like clockwork

    • Norman_In_New_York

      The EU’s big shots have given humanitarianism a bad name.

    • Alain

      Hear. Hear.

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    European economics is just a funny term.