Thai Buddhists to help anti-Muslim Myanmar monks set up radio station

Thai Buddhists have offered to help a network of hardline anti-Muslim Myanmar monks set up a radio station to spread their message across a nation where sectarian hatred is on the rise.

More than a dozen Thai Buddhists were among hundreds who attended a two-day conference in Yangon over the weekend organised by the Ma Ba Tha movement.

During the meeting a Thai group which produces religious radio and television programmes in the kingdom promised to donate $44,000-worth of radio equipment to the Myanmar movement.

The offer was of “support not with money, but with equipment and the installation of a radio station, worth about 1.5 million baht,” Woottisarn Panaree, vice president of the National Thai Buddhism and Culture Mass Media Association, who attended the meeting, told AFP on Wednesday…

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    Watch as Western pro-muslim “human rights” organizations condemn and demonize these Buddhist activists who simply want to defend their people from the spread of islamic jihad.