Steyn: All-Time World Champions of Institutional Racism

“…So as usual the Democrats and media have artfully loosed a total distraction whose only purpose is to put Republicans on the defensive and force them to fold on something while we’re waiting on them to fold on Obamacare or the immigration amnesty. As I always say, the GOP’s so good at folding they ought to be White House valets.

But even for the Stupid Party you have to be the chumps of the planet to let the Democrats hang what is uniquely their history round your neck.”

h/t LRC

  • mauser 98
  • just a thought

    Having been brainwashed in my youth, I was furious when I learned that I had been lied to, and that it was really Democrats who own racism. I was even more furious at Republicans for letting them get away with it. The fact that they still are is just absurd. It’s like a Laural and Hardy skit, with the Dems as Hardy, and the Rebs as Laural (Ollie causes the problem, blames Stan, who almost always says he’s sorry), only it’s not even remotely funny.

  • just a thought

    The first Black politicians were Republicans. The KKK, the terrorist arm of the Democrap party, killed both Black and White Republicans indiscriminately (about the ONLY way they didn’t discriminate).
    Lots of good historical info here…

    • Amazing how the Democrats get away with such lies.

      • Alain

        They got away with it, because the Republicans never bothered to present the historical facts and call them on it. Instead they went, just as now, on the defensive which is always the losing side in such cases.

  • The Butterfly

    Do you think Mark Steyn like butterflies?

    • just a thought

      Hmmm, good question. But I don’t know if he’s ever even eaten one.

  • k1992

    Steyn hit a home run on this one (probably an inside the park homerun too, just to really make his point) . I hope at least some of the members of the Stupid Party and their supporters take heed to what he’s saying. (It’s pointless hoping anyone on (the Left will listen of course, since it doesn’t fit their narrative).

  • And yet the Republicans play that game.

  • EdwinJDelong

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  • Tom Forsythe

    All of America’s racial atrocities happened under this banner: