Progressivism, Obama, and Islam

Looking at President Obama’s foreign policy toward the Muslim world, especially Iran, makes me feel as if America has followed Alice into Wonderland. Nothing makes sense anymore, as the surreal has displaced the logical. Given Mr. Obama’s progressive ideology, it’s exactly what we should have expected.

Foreign policy is the realm of realpolitik. It has to be so, because the stakes are so high: the prosperity and even the survival of the human race. The first duty of every president has to be ensuring that the nation does not become vulnerable to the attacks of its enemies, but Mr. Obama fails to understand who our enemies are.

  • Shebel

    You make too many excuses for Obama. I think that he is rather cleaver.
    He makes enemies of his friends and friends of his enemies.
    Please let me reiterate— I did not say that correctly.

    Obama is- making Enemies of Friends of the USA and
    – making Friends of Enemies of the USA.

    This is his goal.
    He is a traitor. Plain and simple.

  • Obama knows who out enemies are.

    He is one of them. And he is doing a good job at taqiyya.