Justin Trudeau to normalize relations with Islamic Regime in Iran!

“Canada has a large Iranian Canadian community which I am a part of. Many of us have been forced to flee from the Islamic Regime in Iran to save our own lives or the lives of individuals that we love. Many in our community have been imprisoned and tortured or have lost loved ones at the hands of this brutal regime! We consider Canada our home and safe haven, and respect Canadian values such as freedom and democracy. I feel safe and protected in Canada knowing that I can speak out against the Islamic Regime without being arrested, tortured, raped and possibly executed!”

  • Allan

    Trudeau is an empty suit devoid of empathy.

    • He is an empty pair of underwear.

    • Not only devoid of empathy. Devoid of sense.

      Remember- it was Chretien who sold Zahra Kazemi out.

  • New Centurion

    Never. Will. Be. Ready.

  • ntt1

    I think the worst has passed, the man-child is unlikely to be elected now and his fate will be that of the previous sock puppets the liberal elites ran up the flag pole.
    he will end up doing “what he always wanted to do” teaching drama to Inuit kids

    • mobuyus

      I think he would prefer a speaking tour of the north, it would be more lucrative.

  • Aurora 7

    What do you expect…his old man was a great friend of Castro and who could forget Margaret’s serenade at a Venezuelan state dinner, sounding much like Jean Stapleton’s character Edith Bunker.