JDL To Counter-Protest Al Quds Day Jew Hate Festival

July 11th 3 PM at The US Consulate.
JDL al quds counter protest 2015

  • David Murrell

    Good speed all of you at JDL going to the demo. Sorry I can’t make it over here in New Brunswick.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Wished I could be there!

  • ntt1

    it would be good to know the income sources for these fakestinian thugs, i would resent any of my capital going to their pockets. I would also like to know the sponsors above and beyond the unions although i bet not many union members approved supporting antisemitism and ethnic cleansing. a blast of daylight would be very good for everyone

    • This has been a largely Shia event of recent years given the tensions between Sunni and Shia in the ME washing over our shores.

      There is no question that Shia Mosques in Canada take their marching orders from Tehran.

  • just a thought

    In case any of you missed what I posted recently on the meaning of “Al Quds”

    ‘The name Al-Quds is an abbreviation for ‘The
    Jewish Temple’.


    That info has been out there for a long time (I first came across it a decade and a half ago).

  • just a thought

    Also, that behavior on the part of Muslims is nothing new

    Won’t be long before they publicly “resent the evil Brit in Britain.”

    • That is what they teach their children here in Canada.

      • just a thought

        Yep. Everywhere.

  • Gary

    But muslims aren’t really fully human yet and we must understand this to show tolerance for their knuckle dragging sloped forehead savagery to murder gays, flog women and condone child-bride pedophilia to emulate their alleged prophet of peace.

  • marty_p

    I was there last year – will be there again this year. My wife was watching the news reports on CP24 last year and spotted me in the background.