#ISIS executes 23 Kurds, including women, children in village near Kobane

Beirut: Islamic State group fighters executed at least 23 Syrian Kurds, among them women and children, in a village south of the border town of Kobane, on Thursday, a monitor said.

“Islamic State forces shot dead at least 23 people in the Kurdish village of Barkh Butan, including women and children and residents who had taken up arms to fight,” the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.


Turkey ‘let Isil cross border to attack Kobane’: live

UPDATE: ISIS attack kills at least 60 in battle-scarred Kobani

ERBIL, Kurdistan Region – The Islamic State, or ISIS, has attacked Syria’s ethnically Kurdish town of Kobani on Thursday with a wave of car bombs and vehicle-born ground troops, said Rudaw reporter Omar Kalo who is at the scene of the attack.

“Three suicide car bombers detonated their payloads, inflicting heavy casualties among civilians,” said Kalo, who said at least 25 people have been killed by the bombings and more than 75 injured.

According to Kalo, ISIS also executed 20 residents of Bakha Botan a village 20 km outside Kobani.

The Rudaw reporter said residents had taken up arms to defend themselves and the number of ISIS attackers was unknown due to the intensity of the fighting.

“Groups of ISIS fighters are driving around Kobani’s alleys and streets killing civilians,” said Kalo.

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  • Killing “women and children”. So what.

    That is what a good Muslim does.

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    Crickets from the west and the pope?

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    Turkey might find itself with a Kurdish rebellion on its hands.

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      one can hope.

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    Kurds in Kobane are learning the lesson that Armenians learned 100 years ago: Never trust a Turk.

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      A lesson the West refuses to learn. Why the *hell* do we have anything to do with those filth? They may have served a purpose during the Cold War but their usefulness is long over. Kick them out of NATO and let them degenerate into the third world islamic hellhole the majority of Turks seem to aspire to.

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      At least some of the Kurds participated in the Armenian genocide.

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    This member of NATO and courted future member of the EU is making news again I see.

  • Whatever we do, let’s not eradicate these scum from the air.

    • I’m with you. I think we need to wipe them out.

      • After all, these scumbags only went abroad so they can rape, murder and destroy with impunity. They can’t be re-integrated into society. They must fry.

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          Everyone needs a vacation.