We Have Officially Reached Peak Leftism

If it seems to you that the Left has, collectively, lost its damned mind as the curtain rises on the last act of the Obama administration, you are not imagining things. Barack Obama has been extraordinarily successful in his desire to — what was that phrase? — fundamentally transform the country, but the metamorphosis is nonetheless a good deal less than his congregation wanted and expected. We may have gone from being up to our knees in welfare-statism to being up to our hips in it, and from having a bushel of banana-republic corruption and incompetence to having a bushel and a peck of it, but the United States of America remains, to the Left’s dismay, plainly recognizable as herself beneath the muck.

Ergo, madness and rage.

  • Justin St.Denis

    I’ve seen so much violence in the name of “Black Lives Matter” that I have concluded that they actually don’t, at least not here in the civilized western world. If Black lives mattered, black people would not be so ready to behave like niggers at the drop of a hip-hop song. Cutting observations can hurt, I know that. I shared that sentiment with the black members of our extended family, who responded that while black lives do matter, niggers – judging by their behaviours- don’t seem to care if they live for a few more weeks, months or years. A clear distinction made by an 70-year-old African-American relative who is not niggardly in sharing his observations.

  • Xavier

    We have not reached peak leftism; insanity has no bounds. Plus, the media controls the minds of over half of the population. They will decide who runs, who wins, and who is blamed.

    • The media has created this distorted perception of Black Victim-hood.

      • Exile1981

        Wait till the black panthers and their minions turn on and start killing media types; we all know it’s coming. Look at how the black looters turned on MSNBC during the fergusson riots and forced them to abandon gear and run. At some point the radical looters will start killing media types and then we’ll see the media no longer defending them.

        • Shebel

          Just wait until Black Friday. .

          • Exile1981

            So they can fight over a TV at Walmart?

          • Shebel

            No. That is when they can steal stuff ‘en masse’ without it being called looting.

          • Exile1981

            Until they run into a Korean owned store?

  • mauser 98

    …no not yet

    ” a total of 203 homicides in Chicago so far this year, up from 175
    in the same time frame last year, according to an analysis of a Chicago
    Tribune database on homicides and shootings.”

    ….another site perfect for some

  • Shebel

    America was born with a flint lock gun.
    America was saved with a cap and ball gun.

    So–now that we have bigger and better guns—
    Whom would you like us to kill first ?

    The Jews? They are indeed a very nasty bunch.

  • eMan14

    “We Have Officially Reached Peak Leftism”
    We aint seen nothing yet.

  • Shebel

    Strange-I am not even pissed of at anyone anymore.