Rotherham… It couldn’t get worse could it?

At least 300 paedophile rapists, groomers and sex traffickers face arrest as huge list of suspects drawn up by new police probe into gangs who abused 1,400 girls in Rotherham

The officer confirmed most of the potential suspects were Asian men and most of the victims were white British girls and young women.

  • Jayme

    “Mr Pearce said it was also about convincing victims they have been fully listened to and the community of Rotherham that they can be confident the statutory agencies were protecting their children.”
    Yeah, good luck with that.

  • Maurixio Garcia Sanchez

    Asians or Muslims? most likely are Muslims.

  • ed

    in the uk the term Asian refers to paki-muslim or hindu/Sikh only . all others south east Asian [ the MSM ,police and.government hide behind the term Asian ] but everyone in the uk knows it means PAKI ed uk

    • AlanUK

      The BBC has been honest enough to identify them as Pakistani rather than Asian.

  • Political Correctness is nothing more that speech and mind control.

    The word “Muslim” does not appear in the Daily Mail article.

    Even though Muslims raped, these young British (white) girls for 16 years, you can not say the truth.

    You can never fix a problem unless you identify it.

    • Exile1981

      In England so far more people have been charged with defending their children against these rapist than the number of rapists actually charged.

  • JoycePHand

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  • ontario john

    Asian? Must be those damn Christian Koreans again.

  • eMan14

    1,400 hundred girls. 300 rapists. And this is just in one region. Rotherham. What is it like in the rest of the UK?
    Political correctness is killing our way of life. Our leaders have become moral cowards, and vote whores. They succumb to the knee jerk reactionaries of social media. And through our education system up to our bureaucracy, the ideology of progressives have rotted the fabric of our society.
    I shudder to think what lurks in the shadows of this country.

    • Exile1981

      For a while BCF had a series of articles about the number of girls in other areas because while we are hearing very little other than out of Rotherham there have been nearly a dozen other rape / grooming gangs identified. Based on the numbers out of all those areas a British report figured out that it was like 10% of the white girls under 30 had been raped by one of these gangs in the last 20 years.

      They sacrificed a generation of their children on the alter of multi-culturalism. The report also found that most of the various rape groups had been in contact with each other and had frequently traded girls between the various groups. that shows a pattern of planned and organized criminal behavior.

      I am willing to bet that similar things are happening in Canada, even if we don’t know about them yet.

    • The numbers are stark. No one really knows the full tally as more come forward every day.

      It was a horrid betrayal by the Labour party.