Islam Through The Looking Glass

“…Most important is the restatement of the radical difference between Islamic states and Western ones, “the awesome gulf that lies between the Muslim order, where the law is the grim law of punishment and vengeance, and the rational and liberal traditions of the West.” The failed attempts to bridge this gulf by simply importing Western notions of human rights and political freedom confirm this point. Such projects also reflect an ignorance of the incompatibility of the tribal mentality with the canons of liberal democracy. Despite the support of the Europeans after World War I in creating nations with constitutional governments, the Arabs “have resorted more and more to their basic social and religious institutions, the tribe and Islam, to provide the structure of government. Any progress towards political maturity has been stultified by their inability to comprehend any loyalty other than that to family, tribe or religious sect. Loyalty to the nation or to the constitution is a concept devoid of meaning for them.” The chaos in northern Iraq today, a consequence of the dissolution of the political order created by the U.S. at a great cost in lives and resources, illustrates Kelly’s point beautifully.”

  • This (the extract posted) is an accurate statement – Muslims have passed over their chance to adopt modern Western liberalism, and mired themselves ever more deeply in their antiquated tribal laws and customs.

  • Muslim violence because of Western imperialism?

    This is nothing more than a liberal progressive excuse for Islam.

    What is the excuse of Islamic violence before Western imperialism? (India?)

    Islam is a seriously flawed, contagious, social blueprint.

    The non-Muslim world forces Islam into a reformation (fix the “flawed, contagious, social blueprint”) or watch it engulf the world.