In Canada Khadr is lionized by the MSM…

Q&A furore: It’s your ABC of jihad

THE ABC has been told to “have a long, hard look at ­itself” and decide “whose side are you on” by a furious Prime Minister after it invited a terrorist sympathiser on to its Q&A show.

The Government has asked the broadcaster to work with the federal police on future shows to make sure its audience is not put in danger. The ABC yesterday apologised for its “error in judgment” amid a public backlash over its featuring of Zaky Mallah, the first man to be charged under the Howard government’s terror laws.

  • Martin B

    “whose side are you on”

    There was never much doubt about that.

  • Exile1981

    CBC would never apologize for supporting terrorism and jihad.

    • They luvs them their Khadrs

    • David Murrell

      That’s because CBC News supports mass war crimes. Ask Tony Burman, anti-Semite the former director of CBC News.

  • AugustJDouglas

    ….All time hit the blazingcatfur Find Here

    • David Murrell

      Mean, selfish money-hungry creep you are, Mr. Douglas.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      Spam alert.

  • pop

    Public television, so free speech.

  • pop

    ABC in Australia loves our Australian jihadists.

    • Bill

      Actually, they don’t ‘love’ the Jihadists, they just think they are fellow travellers against the patriarchal, sexist, capitalist, anti-immigrant, etc, etc, Western Civilisation in the march to a Socialist/Communist Revolution. They wouldn’t want to live with them, but they believe their hatred for the status quo will disappear ‘come the Revolution’ and the Jihadists will thereafter discard their racism, sexism and hatred for the infidel once Capitalism is disposed of and unrepentant capitalists put up against the wall and shot. Until such a time, the leftists see the Jihadists as useful allies and weapons in the run up to the Revolution, after which the Jihadists will see the light (or be forced to do so).

  • Hhmmm… maybe some Australians haven’t learned anything from the Lindt Cafe incident.