‘I have spent my entire life thinking I was black, but I was wrong’: Amazing family secret emerges after 70 years

Verda Byrd has spent her entire life thinking she was black – but it was not until the age of 70 that she discovered she was in fact white.

She was born Jeanette Beagle in September 1942, but after her father walked out on the family and her mum became ill, she was placed into the adoptive care of a black couple as a toddler.

h/t Suze

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    I question her privilege.

  • Hard Little Machine

    burn the witch.

  • lolwut?

    She looks Mexican.

  • The Butterfly

    “You mean I could have been a Republican this whole time?!”

  • Ed

    She’ll be able to reflect on her life now, and realize that all the unpleasant parts couldn’t have been the result of racism. Boy! even white people have shitty days???

  • DMB
  • Rosenmops

    She looks as if she has a touch of the tar brush to me. She could have her DNA analyzed to find out for sure.

    • DVult

      I started off white, was adopted and thought I was black, found out I was white and then DNA testing showed I was black.