Court quashes mum’s bid to sue France for letting son join jihad

PARIS: A French court Tuesday threw out a case brought by a mother trying to sue the government for failing to stop her teenage son from leaving to join jihadis in Syria.

The boy was 16 when he left with three others from the town of Nice in southern France in December 2013, taking a plane to Turkey and then traveling overland to Syria.

His mother argued airport police in Nice should have stopped the boy because he had only a one-way ticket and no baggage.

But the court ruled that the airport officers had no case to answer and turned down a demand for 110,000 euros ($125,000) in compensation.

  • And there was something wrong with her that she could not do it?

    Lazy damn victimhood-mongers.

    • Happens every time in Britain – the Gubment made them do it or didn’t do enough blah blah blah

  • AmicusC

    yes damn the government for not doing your job for you. YOU had 1 job!

  • P_F

    And where was she planning to use that money??
    Send to Syria to his bloody jihadist son??

  • Frances

    She should be sued by the French government for letting him go.

  • Alain

    Well clearly this was not a ruling by the Supreme Court of Canada.