China: Muslims In Ramadan Murder Rampage – 18 Killed

MUSLIMS have killed at least 18 people with knives and bombs – just days after being banned from fasting during Ramadan.

The savage attacks took place in the Chinese region of Xinjiang, just days after the Communist government cracked down on the holy month.

Armed police responded by shooting 15 suspects dead.

The shoot-out began when a car sped through a police checkpoint, knocking an officer over – before two passengers jumped out and attacked him with knives.

Three more attackers then arrived at the checkpoint in Kashgar, the country’s westernmost city, armed with explosives.

  • P_F

    We, in Canada, should put a ban on celebrating Ramadan too.
    If Chinese can do it than why not Canadians could do it??
    Anyways ‘just-a-trudeau’ is already too impressed by how Chinese govt. functions on a dime.

  • pettifog

    how does one prevent someone from fasting? force feeding?

    • Exile1981

      They made it illegal, the idea being that anyone fasting is very religious and likely to go full jihadi

    • Close all mosques. Arrest all mullahs. Arrest anyone promoting the hate ideology of Islam. Arrest anyone promoting jihad.

      That’s a good start.

      If the fools still need to fast – watch them. They have succumbed to the Islamic death cult.

  • It makes one long for the good old days under Mao when everybody fasted all the time- involuntarily.

  • Jay Currie

    I doubt China will be Islamic any time soon.

    Which is, no doubt, why China is Justin’s favorite country. 😉

  • Justin

    Keep up the good work China!