Because Nothing Says Ramadan Like Smokey Bacon Flavoured Pringles!

Ha!                                                                               h/t Suze


  • Justin St.Denis

    Hypocrisy, thy name is islam (and Achmed, and Kareem, and Abdul etcetera……………….)

  • Bill

    A quick search on Google indicates that the Pringles Smokey Bacon flavour contains no meat derivates, but is not Halal certified. No meat derivates = no bacon = no pig = not expressly prohibited to muslims. So then it probably is up to some imam to write up a fatwa to condemn these snacks as being a ‘gateway drug’ to entice the muslims from their Shar’ia adherence. Then again, hiding the interest in Shar’ia finance seems to fool Allah so maybe pork flavoured snacks are OK as long as no pig is involved in the manufacture (ignoring the ‘long pig’ infidels who helped produce them in the first place).

    • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

      You’re right, they are not exactly haram by their ingredients, but, since the Bacon chips are not halal certified the halal certification folks didn’t get their shakedown money.

    • So it’s Halalabacon

      • Barbara

        Now you are on to something.

  • Yusuf_Al_Kafir

    I’d say it was a harmless mistake, but, the colour of the Smoky Bacon tin does match the colour of the display. Hmmmm

    I’ve shared an elevator with a bearded Muslim while holding a large bag of ‘Crispy Bacon’ chips.

    The Mohomeddan’s body language suggested that the word ‘bacon’ is off-putting just by itself.

    Never mind that the larger bags of Old Dutch have ‘Share Pack’ across the front…..

    • I like it!

    • Censored_EG

      It’s like a bag of Muslim repellent! Awesome!

  • andycanuck

    I hope those are available in Canada. The Smart Food popcorn has a smokey bacon flavour that is great but popcorn is about $4 a package now ($3.50 on “sale”) so I hardly ever get them. ;(

  • bob e

    ummm .. yummy

  • Gary

    Terrorism works.

  • Exile1981

    I was at a turn around at a plant back in 2011 and the plant operators brought in pizza for all the crews on site. Turns out all the pizzas had pork products in them so the one loan muslim on site couldn’t eat any. When he complained the operator pointed out that since it was Ramadon he couldn’t eat anyways. Turns out the idiot was fasting in +40C weather while working inside a insulated and painted black 2000 bbl tank, so inside temp was about 45C or so. I was impressed he never passed out, though he did start acting drunk from dehydration every afternoon of the 3 days o site. The only smart thing he did was rightly realize the chances of finding Halal food in Provost is ZERO, so he brought along a pair of large coolers with premade food for himself to eat at night in the hotel.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Buy they contain no pork blood or alcohol and could probably get halal certification.