Toronto vows to end poverty by increasing rewards for bad life choices

Toronto releases 20-year poverty-busting plan – spend spend spend.


Ontario’s Culture of Defeat

A fascinating new study released by the University of Calgary last week, however, suggests the economic doldrums of Canada’s largest province may actually be rooted in deep-set public pathologies that have very little to do with government one way or another.

Entitled The Rise and Fall of Social Assistance Use in Canada, 1969-2012, the report authored by professors Ronald Kneebone and Katherine White observes that welfare participation rates have fallen substantially over the last 45 years in every Canadian province… except Ontario. While only four per cent of Ontarians were on welfare in 1969, today 7.6 per cent are.

  • David Murrell

    I got to know Ron Kneebone going to academic conferences (and had lunch with him once), and he is a first rate research economist. Glad to see that he and a colleague researched this hard-to-describe area. Social welfare research is typically done by left-wing social work activists. One possible explanation: the heavy influx of immigrants to Ontario, some of whom do not bother to further their education. Another cause: the left-wing policies of the corrupt McGuinty/Wynne administrations.

  • BillyHW

    “Boost incentive programs to encourage landlords to conduct energy and efficiency retrofits”

    This is totally going to eliminate poverty, I can’t believe nobody thought of it sooner.

  • More government will not help.

  • Billy Bob Thornton

    The reason why there was less need in the 50’s and 60’s for government support even though there was had to do with the fact that manufacturing and industry was a lot stronger in Canada even with slightly higher taxes then. We have been at a race t the bottom since the Reagan / Thatcher era. I will do not understand why Canada had to agree to these free trade agreements which are the main causes of why incomes have stayed the same for 30+ years and why jobs are harder to come by which are family-supporting jobs. Back then, you could get out of high school with a job for life. Nowadays, I talk to a lot of people in the Millenial generation and they say that things are tough and some of them still live at home and they are nearly 30. It speaks to a wider problem impacting much of the Western world. It basically means that taxes are not the issue. The same with too little/too much regulations. It is a question of free trade which has I believe been a detriment to the Western world. Which is why the BRICS powers do not care for those agreements since they sell out national sovereignty and are good for corporations rather than the average person. You cannot build successful economies with money staying too much with the rich. It simply does not work that way! It also doesn’t help that every 8 years there is a cycle where recession/depression occurs.

  • bverwey

    Where do I sign up for the handouts … my pockets are empty and I need that big screen TV.

  • Clear Thinker

    I have always wondered how the po’ folks make it. They have rent subsidized apartments, they have food banks, they have free clothing, they have almost free transit passes, they have free medical and drugs, they have big screen tv’s, they have cell phones with data plans. So who is in poverty? Oh and internet and apple computers.

  • Clausewitz

    Stupidest idea I see every year is the handing out of sleeping bags so that the do-gooders can make it easier for the mental challenged to live on the street. God we wouldn’t want them to actually make a decision to come up with an actual remedy to their condition.