Raheel Raza: Women who claim to wear a niqab “out of their own free will (…) maybe they need to see a therapist”

Author and Muslim activist Raheel Raza talked with me about the proposed law that would bar Muslim women from wearing niqabs during Canadian citizenship ceremonies.

  • Tokenn

    Anybody who chooses, in Western society, to go around masked has some screws loose*. Having dealt a couple of times with women in niqab, I can tell you it’s a weird and creepy experience.

    I don’t believe the niqab should be banned, but I do believe that nobody should be under any obligation whatsoever to interact with masked people. You want to live your life behind a mask? Fine…but you aren’t welcome in my store/office/restaurant/ whatever. If you want to live your life as a faceless self-abnegating thing, I’ll be happy to treat you as one,

    * Except for superheroes. If you can fly, walk through walls and regularly save the world…you get a pass….

    • It’s a political statement, a not subtle F*ck You to the Infidel.

  • Gary

    They choose not to have crap beat out of them by the men in their families, or end up beheaded for insulting allah .

  • tom_billesley

    May as well criticize a dog for wearing a collar.