Obama laments ‘distorted impression’ of Muslims

“Here in America, many people personally don’t know someone who is Muslim. They mostly hear about Muslims in the news — and that can obviously lead to a very distorted impression,” Obama said.  h/t ds

Obama says the public has a distorted picture of Islam

Obama says the public has a distorted picture of Islam

  • Helios Megistos

    Such absolute denial of reality is surely a valid ground for a trip to the loony-bin in a straight-jacket as he is clearly unable to discharge the powers of the presidency; of course, the same applies to Joe foot-in-the-mouth Biden…and to pretty much the entire polity! #Ann Coulter should be appointed magistratus extraordinarius…I do not see any other way to prevent the complete destruction of the moribund republic! http://3.bp.blogspot.com/-wsBCZdAyZz4/T6rpuj0O8_I/AAAAAAAAI3I/2Zm9IZIXKjU/s1600/obama+straight+jacket.jpg

    • He’s a liar.

      • Exile1981

        No he’s just practicing his religion and it’s mandate to lie about itself to further it’s causes.

        • Zaba

          A good muzlim ways uses tkiya
          So many good muzlims
          islam must go!

      • Justin St.Denis

        Or maybe we are racists? yeah, that must be it. You are a racist, I am a racist, people like us are all racists which means racists are racist which kinda makes sense so that’s okay after all.

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  • just a thought

    I also lament “distorted impressions” of Muslims, i.e., that they are peaceful, or that you can trust them, despite the probably very few exceptions.

    • Yes, those are the actual ‘distorted impressions’.

  • Dana Garcia

    Obama is right, the public view of Islam is distorted.

    But that’s because the true brutality is too horrific to be show on TV, and you have to look for it on the internet.

  • No distortion. Islam is a death cult.

    That’s the fact. Quit trying to hide the facts. You must be a Muslim or a fool.

    Or maybe you are both – and just practicing taqiyya.

  • Islam is The deadly plague of the 21st century – and until it is eradicated the free world has little chance to survive.

  • ontario john

    Oh I think we understand islam quite well thank you.

  • If one’s only image of Islam was Obama, one STILL wouldn’t see Islam as favourable.

    How is he not a Muslim or an Islamist sympathiser again?