New British ‘front man’ for Al Qaeda videos revealed

Al-Qaeda have unveiled new British jihadist video “front man”, who interrogates two western hostages in the Sahara desert in an apparent appeal for a prisoner exchange.

The masked interrogator speaks fluent English with a clear British accent – even though French-speaking West and North West Africa have not attracted many British jihadist volunteers.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Are you sure he’s British and not Asian?

  • Helios Megistos

    ” When used in a historical context, British people refers to the ancient Britons, theindigenous inhabitants of Great Britain south of the Forth.”

  • trespasserswill

    Does anyone know where Milliband is….?

  • Petey

    Breaking: London University to offer new 3 year degree in Jihadi Studies. Students can specialize in decapitation techniques, taqiyya (dealing with the press), and proper use and creation of explosive devices. Experience with ISIS may be counted as credit toward this degree.

  • bob e

    this paedo has a spiffy new killin’ uniform …