Jewish Students Admit Feeling Targeted, Terrified in New Webpage Documenting Antisemitism on Campuses

Anti-Israel-Chicago15Jewish students reported feeling intimidated and frightened on a new webpage that shares personal testimonies from those who have experienced antisemitism on campuses across the U.S.

The non-profit organization AMCHA Initiative on Monday announced the“Student Voices” webpage,which documents concerns from hundreds of Jewish students from 47 colleges and universities in 20 states.

  • Gary

    The gayStapo thugs and homofascists have aligned them self with the Jew-hating , homophobic, islamofascists from their shared-hatred for the West and israel.

    Note how GLAAD along with Rosie,Ellen and Andersen Cooper stay quiet when ISIS tosses gays from roof tops or rape women. There is a soft bigotry to condone quranic inspired crimes by BROWN people as if they are really fully Human yet, as for the islamists they have found a quarry of useful-idiots too stupid to see that THEY will be the first ones killed under Sharia law .

    The PRIDE parade had the usual morons in charge that allowed 2 pro-hamas/Sharia groups to march in it even while hamas brutally kill gays in Gaza.
    I think people are seeing why homosexuals were treated as having a mental illness that could get them harmed one day from their stupidity and lack of that survivor gene .

  • Islam is fascism, whence the term Islamofascism. Fascism is violence for political ends, and the Muslims practice it with gusto. Such people do not belong in polite society – they must be expelled asap.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Expelled? Too late for that. Extermination is such an ugly term, especially as it nudges at concepts re genocide. But islam is neither a race nor a culture specific to one country, so extermination of islam would not constitute a genocide. Phew. Quelle relief! For a minute there, I actually paused….

      So, extermination it is. When does it all start? What’s the strategy. When do we initiate the cull………..

  • Ottawa Eyes

    Its no different at York University or the University of Toronto or any other Canadian campus, all paid for by student levies going to the student unions but collected by the university’s or college’s admission office with no regard for where the money is going.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I suspect at least one American public university will attempt to ethnically cleanse itself of all Jewish students soon. They will likely fail on the first attempt and succeed on the second. It will be couched in terms of ‘public safety’ or something like that.