Is this the most humiliating summer job?

Is this the most humiliating summer job?

  • Raymond Cameron

    Is he trying to get them to “go forth and multiply”?

    • I’m surprised he wasn’t punched out.

      • Dana Garcia

        I was expecting to see that at the end — disappointing.

  • ntt1

    there are worse jobs…. like deodorant quality assurance

  • Alain

    I know that makes me really ancient, but I remember a time when there was such a thing a modesty and privacy especially when it pertained to sex. It was also a time when there were very few unwed mothers and STDs were just about non existent. Now with all this “sex education” or sex obsession unwed mothers are the norm and there is no end to all the STDs with new ones still arriving. Yet we were told that all this “sex education” was necessary and was being imposed to prevent the things it has increased. I find this sort of promotion in the video base and disgusting.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Base and disgusting is understating the case, quite frankly. It is dog-fucking primitivism at its worst, and it is called “progressive”! I’m beginning to se a pattern emerging……..

  • Clausewitz

    I don’t know, I know a lot of Liberals who would think of it as easy money seeing as they’re walking around like a bunch of big dicks already.

  • eMan14

    From a random website… top 10 world’s worst jobs…

    10. Guard at Buckingham Palace
    9. Portable Toilet Cleaner
    8. Road Kill Remover
    7. Flatus Odor Judge
    6. Brazil Mosquito Researcher
    5. Janitor at a Porno Theater.
    4. Animal Masturbator
    3. Cat Food Quality Tester
    2. Manure Inspector.
    1. Sewers Cleaner

    I can think of a few more… but I think I need a shower.

  • marty_p

    And I felt bad for the kids standing on the corner waving a Domino’s $5.00 medium pizza sign for hours.