Former CAIR-Canada Official Represents Egyptian Brotherhood

Media coverage of the U.S. State Department’s decision to comply with Egypt’s request not to meet with a Muslim Brotherhood delegation this month missed an important point: That delegation included a former official from the Canadian wing of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and he has connections to several other Canadian Islamist groups.

The Muslim Brotherhood delegation visited the U.S. to advocate against the Egyptian government. The Brotherhood announced a new violent phase in January shortly after its representatives met with State Department officials. Brotherhood media outlets are calling for acts of violence in Egypt and against the interests of countries that are friendly towards President El-Sisi.

  • Alain

    My goodness me, I am just so shocked and find this impossible to believe.

    • Yea imagine that the Muslim Brotherhood in Canada…

  • Gary

    Another buddy of Sheema khan like the pro-hamas Nehad Awad at CAIR wjhich has been linked to funding hamas.

    The CAIR rep below shares the stage with Hizballah flag wavers and pro-hamas t-shirts.
    How the hell did the CBC have so many morons on staff that didn’t know that Sheema khan was complicit by-proxy for supporting terrorism via hamas funding after the 2009 evidence in the FBI Texas terror Trial for a bogus islamic charity used to funnel money out of N.America.

    Meanwhile, the RCMP gets close to radical mosques and Imams to fight Terrorism by playing basket ball with closet Jihadists that are laughing at them behind closed doors at the mosque.
    Barbara Hall even gave this death-cult an equal status to a Religion for the Charter Rights protections as she had also allowed 2 jew-hating homophobic Mosques to be a Public school right after her crusades to kick jesus out of the Public schools.
    Terrorism works, so islamists don’t have to.

  • Sir Roderick Spode

    So the US State Dept has swapped sides away from Al Queda / MB since the Arab Spring. Hard to keep up with isn’t it?