Family Of Suspect In Cell Phone Murder Case Makes You Wonder If Immigration Canada Is Run By Drunks On The Take

Sister of man sought in Jeremy Cook’s death pleads on social media to withhold judgment until facts are known


The sister… London police say there was no misconduct in Sultan’s arrest

Sultan has been charged with possession of a dangerous weapon, assaulting a peace officer and uttering threats.

Police have said she was very aggressive and was wielding a metal pipe when they arrived at the house. During her arrest, Sultan threatened to kill officers and at one point spat on them, police have said.

Seriously WTF is wrong in Ottawa?

h/t Sanwin


  • mobuyus

    Hip hop Islam murder stolen cell phones, this is all getting rather stale.

    • Yup. But it’s very vibrant.

      • Justin St.Denis

        Not to mention enriching.

  • Observer

    It’s the white man’s guilt for having weakened an empire through economic boycotts of the Ottoman Caliphate’s largest export, slaves.

    France did it in the late 18th century and the rest of the western world abolished slavery in the 19th century, though it continues in much of the Muslim world to this day.

  • Exile1981

    I’m surprised by the shear number of criminal charges against the various members of the family.

    • They’re hard workin immigrants.

      • Justin St.Denis

        They’re hard workin invaders.

        Fixed it for you!

      • Exile1981

        Working hard at breaking laws?

  • ontario john

    I’m sure things will be better when Mulcair is Prime Minister.

    • Oh yea. I can’t wait

      • Justin St.Denis

        Angry Imam Tom Mulcair is a hoot and a holler, but a winner he is NOT. Quebecers absolutely loathe him. Imam Tom has a wee problem in la belle province come next federal election. Not to mention how PISSED Albertans will be come federal election time.

  • The Butterfly

    The family of the Charleston church shooter helped police find him and arrest him.

    • Exile1981

      While this POS is helping to cover and hide her brother.

  • ontario john

    More good new from Trudeau today. In an interview on CBC he wants Canada to stop bombing and concentrate on diplomacy. Yes, lets talk to ISIS, That should work.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Diplomacy rests on civilization.

    • OH boy, Justin is just a miracle worker he is.

    • ntt1

      Justin could dance for the savages,, with his training he could melt even the hardest hearted jihadi

      • Alain

        Don’t know about melting the hardest hearted jihadi but would probably give him a hard-on.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        jeezy creezy Justin thinks he’s living in the annual broadcast of The Grinch.

  • DD_Austin

    Run by Drunks…. I wish, You make it sound like a bad thing

    Lets run down the list of Bad “Drunk” leaders

    Boris Yeltsin, Joseph McCarthy, Churchill. FDR, Ataturk
    John A MacDonald, Ulysses S Grant, Ben Franklin
    Peter the Great, Alexander the Great

    Notice the number of “the Greats” in the list?
    Being a Drunk isn’t a defect in a leader, it’s a necessity.

    P.S. those MADD loving non smoking commie candyasses in the government
    don’t drink, if they did they wouldn’t be such assholes.

    • There are Bad Drunks however.

      • DD_Austin

        Thats a common mistake to make. You see those dirty winos pushing shopping carts around and it’s easy to think, “Well, the booze must have made them crazy”

        Well, it isn’t true. Alcohol doesn’t make people crazy. It’s just that crazy people are drawn to alcohol. And drugs. and politics and shopping carts, for that matter.

        A bad drunk is a teetotaler, like Hilter and his muslim pals

        He’s a fool who gives over the liquor,
        It softens the skinflint at once,
        It urges the slow coach on quicker,
        Gives spirit and brains to the dunce.

        The man who is dumb as a rule
        Discovers a great deal to say,
        While he who is bashful since Yule
        Will talk in an amorous way.

        It’s drink that uplifts the poltroon
        To give battle in France and in Spain,
        Now here is an end of my turn,
        And fill me that bumper again!

        Lord Byron

        • ntt1

          this doesn’t explain dizzy lizzie may, maybe she just didn’t drink enough?

          • Alain

            I think you are talking about a different species when referring to dizzy lizzie. Nothing can really explain it away.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      I’m on my way to 24 Sussex right now.

  • Clear Thinker

    “Tis murder most foul. Deportation of the family supporting his actions should be immediate. But I am thinking that he will use the I ran over the cop by accident defense, he will state that a gun mystically appeared in his hand, contrary to the criminal code of canada, but not ISIL, and it just went off. Who knew? Go figure, a gun in the hand of someone whose name is sultan just went off by accident? My how the world turns.

  • Xavier

    Maha? Afaf? Sultan Sultan?

    I feel like I’m talking with a mouthful of marbles.

  • sanwin
  • cmh

    the real crime is that he’ll get out in 7 years

  • Petrilla

    Well, Canada’s vaunted diversity kicks in. Brother Sultan arrested for 2nd degree murder of Jeremy who only wanted his cellphone back and was shot to death and left to die alone in a parking lot. Sultans sister attacked police with a metal bar and spat on them. Parents said they called ambulance since she had a mental problem. Really? I would say they all had a mental problem and why in the hell are they even in Canada. If police come to my door I say hi, come in, is there a problem and we would work it out. Normally we would. But this family, no idea of who Canadians are, no idea of Magna Carta, but fully aware of THEIR RIGHTS, throw back OUR civilization and our laws on us. Why does Canada even accept his young woman attacking and spitting on police when her brother is accused of murdering an innocent young Canadian for trying to retrieve his cell phone which had been stolen? I can only hope among our politically correct judge, there might just be one, not asking for much, just one who might stand for the rule of law in Canada. Australia Tony Abbott has made it clear today anyone and their families linked to terrorism will be deported. Is murder not terrorism?