Establishing a Palestinian Islamist State

The Middle East is at it again. At the top of the list, no one, it seems, is even thinking of stopping Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons capability — and by extension at least several other countries in the region, including Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Egypt.

First, It is dangerous enough for any openly expansionist regime, theological or not, to have nuclear weapons; Iran has recently shown itself to be nothing if not expansionist. Second, and, if possible, worse, several of the countries around Iran — who correctly feel in its crosshairs, have already announced that they will be building or buying nuclear weapons as well; and have probably already started. The Islamic State (ISIS) is also rumored to be on the market for a nuclear warhead; you too can apparently buy one for around $400 million. So we shall all have uncontrolled and uncontrollable nuclear proliferation to look forward to.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    As long as the Israeli government keeps its cool, it will be okay.

    • Nothing will be okay if the Israeli gov’t does not hurry up and bomb Iran nuclear ambitions out of existence. Time is definitely running out.

  • Obama’s legacy to the ME and the world – a new nuclear arms race. And this time there will be no MAD (mutually assured destruction) disincentive to the use of nuclear bombs, They will be used by the crazy Islamists, whether of Isis or of Iran, as tactical weapons and, in the last analysis, as mere grand scale suicide bombs.

    • Hard Little Machine

      I’m afraid it will only be a ‘race’ for short time. Then they will use them.

  • just a thought

    Who want’s self-determination for these guys?
    What could go wrong?