Dear Pope Francis: Here Are Five Times Weapons of War Saved Christians

This piece comes with customary caveat that English-speaking media tends to tweak the translation of the Pope’s messages just enough to mislead or strip it of proper context—or sometimes, miss the point entirely.

Gee, why does that sound familiar?

  • Pope Socialist is a pill.

    • BillyHW

      Pope Francis is a disgrace.

  • MannieP

    I’d like to hear what he actually said. The only source I find is an article from Reuters. Everything else appears to be recursive to Reuters. Reuters has a definite left-wing bias, and the Left Wing press has been known to put words in Frank’s mouth. I’ve been trying, without success, to find a Church reference to those words.

    The closest I’ve been able to find, is a machine translation of that speech. The translation is opaque, but it does not seem to say what is being trumpeted.

    That having been said, Frank has shown himself to be pretty dumb on matters of politics, economics, and science.

    • Una Salus

      Would this be any worse than his beat up anybody who disses my mom comment after Je Suis Charlie?
      I think the MSM is pretty good at making him sound less dumb than he actually is.

      • It’s weird. It never occurred to me before to even imagine that a Pope had a mother. Now I have a strong urge to say something disparaging about the lady.

        • Una Salus

          Boys will be boys even if they’re celibate you see. He’s a twit. What’s worse he’s Islam’s twit.