Deal reached in lawsuit over NYPD’s surveillance of Muslims

The city has reached a settlement “in principal” of a federal lawsuit accusing the NYPD Intelligence Division of religious profiling of Muslims.

The terms of the deal remain confidential until additional details are worked out, city lawyer Peter Farrell informed Judge Pamela Chen in a letter filed in Brooklyn Federal Court.

The suit was brought by three Muslim men, two mosques and a nonprofit organization alleging they were harmed by “suspicion-less surveillance” of their religious activities.

NYPD officials had pushed back, saying there was plenty of basis to look into the plaintiffs.

  • The Muslims as a group have amply demonstrated throughout the world that they are dangerous to all non-Muslims and even to many of their own breed. This being the case, it is quite justified to keep a wary eye on all its members at all times, for we cannot know from which of them the threat will actually emanate at any one time.

  • David Murrell

    There is merit to the deal, after all. Clearly not all Islamic terrorists are Muslim. Some of these acts could be perpetrated by United Church ladies, elderly Lutherans, etc. Here we see the corrupt federal attorney general’s office at its worst.

  • moraywatson

    Muslims don’t have religious activities, they have political activities and a depraved totalitarian culture.