Very Polite Cat

Lebanon – “This cat just eats only from this Restaurant table”

He is very polite. K and I ate in a nice little outdoor cafe in Jerusalem, we had 4 cat friends in minutes once word got out I had ordered the fish.

In Jaffa a cat jumped in my pack as we ate dinner – it’s where I stored the Friskies.

The one we miss most was the hotel cat, pregnant, smart, and so lovable. Greeted everyone.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    My “Buster” does that.
    She will nudge you with her paw when she wants your attention which usually means she wants food or attention or she can’t get to the bathroom.
    If she wants her face scratched, she will paw you on the cheek.
    I have no idea how she learned that last one.

    • Blacksmith

      I have a couple that do similar things, cats are smarter than they get credit for sometimes.

    • Pip does the same to let us know something is up.

  • Justin St.Denis

    The two ferals my wife and I are slowly seducing (a project which is going very well, btw) both ignore her shoes but tackle, sleep with and/or abscond with mine. Oddly, my wife’s dirty T-shirts are a feral fave – they totally mauled an Old Navy T-shirt she favoured for gardening and absentmindedly left draped over a patio chair. They try to empty her purse if given a chance, and seem to want to sample her perfume whenever she is wearing any. My wife says they are secret make-up mavens drawn by the odour of cosmetic products! It’s possible I guess. 😉

    • Cool!

      • Justin St.Denis

        Sometimes cool. I am still looking for one-half of a pair of $120 sandals I bought last year! “Lefty” disappeared after thr first day I had worn it this year! That was a month ago………

        • ntt1

          sounds like mossad is taking an interest in you.

          • Drunk_by_Noon

            Maybe feral Jinns?
            Actually, I think that’s an adoption/rescue program that I’d want no part of.

        • Probably the Mossad.

        • Waffle

          Are you sure it isn’t that British Mossad agent whose also stealing Asghar’s shoes?

          Are you sure they’re true ferals? A lot of “ferals” once had homes. Also, they might be “with kittens”, as they say. Even ferals will seek out a warm, safe spot in which to build their nest for when the timecomes.

  • ntt1

    as a long time Siamese cat owner I think the beasts sense a soft touch, in our travels the local Siamese always seem to find us , maybe its some kind of club.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    The cat in the video is very much a lovable schnorrer.

  • terrence

    I know someone who had a cat she found under the hood of her car on winter morning about 12 to 15 years ago. She heard a meow as she opened the door; so she looked under the hood and there was a kitten. She took it in and took good care of it. Leroy had a favorite color toy mouse (an orange one, about the size of a man’s little finger).

    She would sit back on a big reclining armchair and throw the mouse across the dining room and down the hall – about 20 to 25 feet. Leroy would take off a bat out of hell, and bring it back, Sometimes he left in on the floor beside her; she would say”Up here, Leroy” and pat her lap. Leroy would pick up the mouse and jump up onto her lap and drop the mouse and then jump back on the floor, poised and ready to fetch it again. A fetch session would last 20 to 25 minutes, several times a week.

    One of his other favorite things was to sleep on her lap, between several sheets of newspaper.

  • Well-mannered cats are in short supply these days.