Saudi Wikileaks Cables… and Canada

If you have the time and inclination I suggest you do some searching. There’s some absolutely weird stuff like this letter from a nutter named Ollie Backman.

The first page of a search for “Canada” turns up the following document discussing the need for funds for the Muslim Brotherhood Canadian affiliate, the Muslim Association Of Canada.

Saudi Muslim Association Of Canada

Looks like they got the Money…

Saudi money to MAC

  • Exile1981

    I’m thinking this could be a very interesting day of reading.

    • This is only the first batch of the cables, I am sure there is more to come.

      Not finding a whole heck of a lot yet, but that don’t mean we won’t later.

      • Exile1981

        Yes but the tab marked “Buying silence” says that they have evidence of the Saudis paying money to Canadian media to paint a certain narrative.

        • That is true;)

          • Exile1981

            Especially since google translate says that دولار كندي means Canadian dollar.

          • Exile1981

            HRH Assistant Minister of Culture and Information
            Referring to Brgitkm number 1/5/20214 and date of 08/07/1425 AH and annex enclosing a check number 0022 in the history of 08/21/2004 m Representative of the amount of (10.000) ten Canadian thousands of dollars to meet the Ministry of Culture and Information’s participation in the following Canadian newspapers for one year from 1 / 1/2004 m:
            1 newspaper in the amount of the letter (2000) Canadian Dollar
            2 Al-Muhajir the amount of (2000) Canadian Dollar
            3 diplomat newspaper the amount of (3000) Canadian Dollar
            4 News weekly newspaper in the amount of (3000) Canadian Dollar
            According to the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques Embassy in Ottawa receipt of the check referred to 0
            I hope to look at and briefing, with best regards ,,,

            Assistant Foreign Minister

            Nizar bin Obaid Madani

          • Gonna have to go back to theArabic for this one and find a better translation.

          • Exile1981

            Sorry but Arabic is low on my list of languages to learn to read

          • Heh;)

          • Exile1981


            This one deals with fortifications and security systems at a house in Ottawa for 2.8 million.

            To: Minister of State may God protect him
            From: Wazzaramder Assistant General of Administrative and Financial Affairs / Director of Procurement Management Thread: competition works construction fortifications and security system for Sgaarh and Dar housing in Ottawa
            Peace and mercy of God and Barakaznh:
            It was reported Excellency that the Commission examine the offers have seen on the presentations of the competition referred to, and also to the rich analysis Allowaod of Adar Alhvil and maintenance Bouktabhm ^ m 15868 and the date of his 02.02.1434 d where two titles for her to offer from the company (RAJAB CONTRACTING CANADA’INC) the amount and Kda (2.885.497) C $ Aerohish is the best of the rich, financial and recommends Balhesah it.
            I hope if Your Excellency applauded the approval of the adoption of the presentation and Nthwaid Alsgalo signed a contract with Hekh referred to the amount and convert the custody of the note that he was booked

          • Exile1981

            this one is about a 500k payment to the muslim association of Canada

          • Exile1981

            Well if you run a newspaper and it’s dying because of it’s radical lefty slant in all the news it publishes you’d be eager for the Saudis to help bank roll your paper.

          • El Martyachi

            “Gatekeeper editors” eh.

          • Exile1981

            as in they choose what news is published and how it will be slanted.

          • Yup.

  • Exile1981

    HE Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance of the international financial Shannon
    Attgo a letter of Your Excellency’s number and the date of 12 371 22.1 0.434 1 Dr. publican of the Royal Decree No. 37 099 and the date 1433,8,8 do judge to provide financial assistance to several Islamic institutions abroad, including the Canadian Association of Islamic in a suburb of the city of Messisaja
    Toronto of the 100,000 e) to except.
    That we report the name and address of the Alastvidh Latin letters is:
    This Assembly is one of the largest Islamic associations in Canada and has approximately 33 branches spread all over the country, and Nawal Assembly in need of support and assistance to carry out a project development and construction of the second phase of the school affiliate, and there is no Mahzlor or comments on the Assembly to prevent the submission
    Muslim Association 04

  • cmh

    there is no worse scourge on the face of the earth than the kingdom of saudi arabia…none.

  • FactsWillOut

    Looks like Asange is a good guy.