Ramadan In Mosul: IS Bans Backgammon, Dominoes — And Prayers

Life for the residents of Mosul has been hard enough since Islamic State (IS) gunmen overran the northern Iraqi city a year ago.

But life just got even tougher after the extremist Sunni group introduced a fresh set of hard-line decrees for the Muslim holy month of Ramadan.

IS’s religious scholars have outlawed a whole host of traditional Ramadan activities, deeming them not in line with the extremist group’s extremist stance on Islam.

On IS’s ban list are dominoes and backgammon, according to the Iraqi news website Hamrin News.

  • Minicapt

    Mohammed was a kill-joy …


  • UCSPanther

    Sounds just like the Taliban back when they ruled Afghanistan. Their number one law was “No having fun.”