Isis doctor Tareq Kamleh: I don’t care about losing Australian citizenship

An Australian doctor who left the country to join Isis and is now wanted by the federal police on several terrorism-related charges, has stated he has “no concerns” if he is stripped of his citizenship and medical registration, and that he no longer considers himself an Australian.

Tareq Kamleh, 29, came to the attention of authorities when he appeared in an Islamic State propaganda video in April, urging other medical professionals to join him. Kamleh has worked as a doctor in several Australian states and is believed to have left for Syria in March.

  • Jay Currie


  • pop

    Don’t come back!

  • He does not look like he was born with the name Tareq Kamleh. Call me a profiler but it should be grounds for immediate investigation and continuing surveillance when a westerner takes on an Arabic name.
    It is especially heartening that the Australian governments seems to distinguish between those who go to fight for ISIS and those who fight against it.

  • John

    I know of two ex-Muslims who say they’d never want to be treated by Muslim doctors or nurses. I used to think the two rather extremist, but not now.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    His services will be needed there very soon as the Kurds close in on the ISIS capital, and with one slip of the scalpel, he won’t be smiling anymore.

  • ismiselemeas