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I always thought 1 Million Years BC or whatever the hell it was must be under-rated. I’ve never seen it, I just think that.

September 1977, France --- American Actress Raquel Welch --- Image by © Tony Kent/Sygma/Corbis

September 1977, France — American Actress Raquel Welch — Image by © Tony Kent/Sygma/Corbis

  • Norman_In_New_York

    One comedian called Raquel Welch and Sophia Loren “the big front four.”

    Here is my next heroine of the Israel Defense Forces. On duty, she serves and defends her people and the cause of freedom. In civilian life, she is a professional lingerie model. So far, I have been unable to find any images of her taking off her merchandise in front of a camera, so we will just have to fantasize. Let’s extend a warm greeting to Lynn Zuckerman.


  • Gary

    I’ve never had enough money to get a wife like that .

    • Justin St.Denis

      You’ll never get a wife like that as long as you think like that about women. Ponder that for a few secs. 😉

      • Gary

        Ah , that’s so cute and typical for someone in a false reality . I dated women like this , how many did you dated like her?
        And if so , did one marry you ?

        Oh wait, they only existed in your head and you’re still waiting for one to fall for and want to live in poverty with no vacation or could afford children.
        I’ll have to visit your Planet one day.

        • Justin St.Denis

          Yes, I dated many very beautiful women during my bachelor years – on two continents and in several countries. Yes, I married one – a really smart one with credentials, a career and ambition galore. Yes, it worked…VERY well. We started out kind of poor, but we ended up with four brilliant kids who all turned out extremely well, then we comfortably retired in the beautiful Hockley Valley in southwest Ontario. It seems incredible to you, I know. But that’s because you will never achieve what we have achieved with your attitude/perspective, which is NOT working for you since you clearly have NOT found a gorgeous, smart woman to fall in love with you, change countries to be with you, bear and raise your biological children as well as realize her own professional objectives.

          And no, I have no idea why you seem to hate women so much.

          • Gary

            Pretty pathetic retort to fabricate a life of bliss and then protect your short coming on me and claim I hate women.
            My mother is a women and so are my two sisters and 5 aunts along with 87% of my teachers prior to High school.
            I had worked in the Financial Business and never once did any of my male co-workers worth $$$ millions have an unattractive wife , nor did the attractive women with $$$$ have a plain husband that was poor when she married him .
            Why don’t you post an example of a famous person with your life because with 7 billion people on earth you should be able to find just 1 example.

          • Justin St.Denis

            Life of bliss? Hardly. Lots of hard work, sacrifice etc. were an essential part of our life together and out success.

            It is regrettable that you feel like such a loser. Again, a perspective adjustment would help. I assume the many women in your family are ugly and bitter, and cannot speak for the well-adjusted and more attractive. How unfortunate for you – and them, actually.

  • AlanUK

    My son used to call her Rackle Squelch.

    • Justin St.Denis