Viva Diversity! Muslim students at Jihadi John’s former university ‘harass and intimidate women’

THE Islamic Society at Jihadi John’s former university has been slammed for its “hostile and intimidatory” treatment of women.

The University of Westminster, where the notorious Islamic State terrorist studied, could become a “place of indocrination” if the society remains “ultra-conservative”, a report warned.

But complaints about alleged harrasment by society members were repeatedly ignored “for fear of appearing Islamaphobic”, the report added.

One student wept as she gave evidence to an independent panel about the intimidation she allegedly suffered at the hands of the group.

  • just a thought

    Let’s see. They don’t want to discipline muslimes for fear of appearing islameophobic? Do they also never go into closets, for fear of appearing claustrophobic; or get on a plane, out of fear of appearing aerophobic?

    They keep using that word, but they obviously don’t know what it means.

    • You’re Factophobic!

      • just a thought

        It’s not so easy to beat them at their own game, is it? 🙂

      • just a thought

        So you’re saying they aren’t Phobophobic?

  • This can’t continue without some sort of social catastrophe.

    The Muslim population continues to grow in the UK. The Brits have lost the courage to be truthful about Islam.

    Civil war or surrender to Islam is inevitable.