Revealed: The Herefordshire hotel used for ‘diabolical’ experiments on US military students

Behind the façade of a peaceful Georgian country manor hotel, nestling in 18 acres of rolling Herefordshire grassland, lay a dark secret involving a former medical director of the FBI which last week came to light at a medical board hearing in the US state of Virginia.

There, a shocked board heard how Dr John Hagmann, 59, a former army lieutenant colonel and president of Deployment Medicine Consultants of Gig Harbor, Washington, had allegedly carried out “macabre” experiments on US military students taking his courses.

  • ntt1

    every professional group has its percentage of psychopaths but this one is turning out to be fairly spectacular. The question is ;how did he get away with it for so long?

    • It is bizarre.

    • Yes, why didn’t GROWN MEN who knew better, and who admit now to having been very troubled by the things they were “forced” to do, tolerated it and never walked away even though they could have.

      • ntt1

        why did so many inmates cooperate and facilitate during the holocaust? Don’t forget that social science experiment where subjects were asked to shock fellow students with increasing strength of shocks, a scary number of students continued to administer shocks on command even if extreme pain was shown by their fellow students. Humans have a very dark side.

        • Yes exactly. All this is what I was getting at. THIS shocks me more than the actions of the doctor.

  • mauser 98

    …………Bubba knows best

    “On September 30, 1999 President Clinton signed an
    executive order [Executive Order 13139] giving any president of the United States
    the authority to waive informed consent for military
    personnel regarding experimental vaccines, antidotes,
    and treatments.”

  • Once again — as it goes with stories like this — the most captivating element of the unfolding drama is, to me, the fact that adult men tolerated this KNOWING it was wrong. Any of them could have walked away. Instead they stayed and some of them followed the gruesome doctor’s orders to give each other penile injections and rectal exams. Again, they could have walked away. There’s no mystery surrounding why someone like this doctor does the things he does. The REAL mystery is why they get away with it for so long.

    • mauser 98

      $$$$$$$$$… lots of it

      • US military students? Paid by WHOM? This makes no sense.

        • ntt1

          I think it is another example of very suggestive people “just following orders” I also believe psychopaths are able to seek out and exploit these morally weak persons

          • mobuyus

            That works with obama.

        • mauser 98

          US military students get nothing.. big Pharma gets big dollars