Muslim Mass Murderer Mohamed Salim Found Living On Benefits In Birmingham

A mass murderer found living on UK benefits in Birmingham is now wanted by war crimes investigators.

West Brom supporter Mohamed Salim previously admitted killing so many villagers in wartorn Sudan that he lost count.

An investigation by our sister national title the Daily Mirror tracked Salim down to a leafy Birmingham street.

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Muslim mass murderer Mohamed Salim is a happy man

Muslim mass murderer Mohamed Salim is a happy man

  • tom_billesley

    Deportation was blocked by an immigration court on human rights grounds and he’s been on the welfare teat ever since.

  • ontario john

    Oh what a surprise, he shares the same first name as his goat screwing mass murdering prophet. They will probably tear down the statue of Wellington and build one in his honour when he becomes Prime Minister in the future. But yet he can come to Canada and be an advisor to Mulcair.

  • BillyHW

    People, like Pope Francis, who support welfare and immigration, go to hell when they die.

  • dagawker

    Spreading his islamic joy at will.

  • The Soviets used to say that the West would sell them the rope they’d use to hang us. Now, apparently we give the rope away for free, to the likes of him and the Boston bombers.

  • cmh

    Just like mass murderer Noor Chowdhury lives happily in Canada on benefits…. and will continue to for the rest of his life because not one person will lift a finger against his ‘human rights’….. Canada is governed by filth.