Israeli Foreign Ministry removes animated clip on Gaza that told truth about foreign press

The criticized cartoon depicts a foreign correspondent reporting from the Gaza Strip and giving an account different from the terrorist ongoings seen behind his back.

  • G

    I don’t know why any Israeli government official worries about “irking” the press by ridiculing them.
    Any Israeli should know how they are going to be treated by the press. Just the same as any North American, European or Australian conservative knows how they will be treated by the press.

    Suckholing to them or even treating them with any measure of respect doesn’t diminish their bias against you in the slightest bit. So why bother? You ARE going to being attacked by them and they will support your enemies so treat them with the disdain they deserve. They are the enemy so treat them as such.

    This is why I like it when Harper treats the Canadian Pus (oops, I mean press) like shit. he knows that kissing their ass like former conservative leaders did is futile, stupid and counterproductive so to hell with it.

    • Alain

      Exactly! They should not have caved in on stating the truth.

    • It’s not as if they are going to win over any hearts and minds.

  • bob e

    i like the vid

  • seaoh