Iraq and Syria: The Problem of Strategy

The United States has now been actively at war with terrorism movements since 2001. Throughout that time, it has struggled to find ways to develop some form of meaningful strategy, measure its progress, and give that progress some degree of transparency and credibility to the Congress, the American people and our strategic partners, and the media.

So far, its success has been erratic at best.

  • The biggest problem is the Obama directed PC straight jacket on not allowing the military War Colleges to study Islamic theology as the source of the problem.

    Without fulfilling the requirement “know your enemy” of Sun Tzu’s doctrine, we are doomed to failure.

    The real problem is really quite simple. Islamic theology incites countless devout followers to murder in the name of Islam.

    Unfortunately the number of devout followers of Islam is high enough to create this “hybrid, distributed form of warfare” Muslims call jihad.

    By refusing to admit reality, we simply cannot create a proper strategy to deal with it.

    Example: Countless undercover documentaries have shown 80% of US mosques teach Islamic hatred of non-Muslims. Then we hire Muslims to work at the TSA and frisk 80 year old, wheel chair bound, retired nuns. How big a fools are we.

    The PC white washing of Islam will kill us if we continue down the same foolish path.

    Just look at what happened to once peaceful, Buddhist/Hindu Afghanistan.

    • There is so much wrong with the Obama Admin it can all be classed as an abject failure.

      • I’m willing to bet Obama’s quite happy.

        He is the Islamic Manchurian Candidate.

        And the Dems are a bunch of chumps.

  • Billy Bob Thornton

    Everything is about follow the money. Where does Saudi money go?! Saudi Arabia is a US ally and is following some kind of dictated strategy.

    FSA became ISIS, and the US and the West gave them the weapons.

    We need to blame our politicians that play these games.

    We the people, in the end, are divided as a result.

    No wonder the ME is in the condition it is in.

    All this will create are more proxy wars, and yet the people on BCF think that ISIS came out of nowhere?!

    Well, no it didn’t. It was formed to create chaos and to oust Assad, and it showed up the second Cameron lost that vote in the British HOC. This will all lead to an eventual war with Iran. That is where this is going!

    • Minicapt

      “… the people on BCF think that ISIS came out of nowhere?”
      Only if one limits the definition of ‘people on BCF’ to persons named ‘Billy-Bob Thornton’, the Bohica Benefits Boy.


  • Norman_In_New_York

    The strategy here is quite simple. The of them we kill, the fewer of us gets killed. Of course, this would require obtaining a genuine declaration of war from Congress and not some half-assed resolution.

  • Alain

    “The United States has been actively at war with terrorism movements..” could be transposed to the United States has been actively at war with kamikaze pilots if one goes back to WW II. Of course that was not the case and no one would ever have made such a nonsensical statement then, for they were at war with Japan just as they were with Germany, not just a particular strategy used by the German Nazis. That is the problem of strategy in a nut shell for all of the West.