In Canada We Call It Multiculturalism – UK: Ex Radical Recruiter Speaks Out About Islam’s Ghetto

We must prise British Muslims out of their ‘digital ghettos’: Former extremist calls for end to separation between different faiths

“During my teenage years as an Islamist recruiter, I moved to live in self-contained communities in the London boroughs of Newham and Tower Hamlets. During those years, I met Muslims who were born and raised in this country but for whom English was their second, and barely literate, language.

Street signs were in Bangladeshi and employment opportunities were limited to Indian restaurants, community centres and grocery stores. As I went between the Islamic Society in my college and university, the mosque, the halal takeaway and visited the homes of my male Muslim friends, it was entirely possible for me to get through my day without interacting in any meaningful way with a single non-Muslim.

Why should this matter? For many reasons, but an important one is this: because isolated communities just like this, whether in deprived Dewsbury in West Yorkshire or more affluent Buckinghamshire, are sending British citizens to join Islamic State, the most terrifying terrorist group of modern times.”

I give the author A for effort, but he fails to point out that Islam is a supremacist cult. It does not play well with others, anywhere, ever, unless those others submit to dhimmitude and even then it will persecute and discriminate against religious and ethnic minorities because Islam that’s why. The Ghetto he refers to is self imposed, each brick in the wall a Koran.

The craven political class in Britain and here in Canada are also to blame as it is they who have enabled this mess, in fact they encourage it. They know damn well that mass Muslim immigration was a huge mistake, but they won’t admit it and they will look to criminalize anyone who speaks out about the grotesque threat to our society that their malicious incompetence has wrought.

Multiculturalism is the anvil,  the charge of racism the hammer.

The political class should be jailed not us.


  • Blacksmith

    The political class in the west should be brought up on charges of treason, then shot. The importation of muslims is only one of the treasonous activities perpetrated by those who think they are our betters.

    • mobuyus

      If given a fair trial they would be shot and pissed on and then shot again.

    • I have no doubt that among the ideologically toxic left bureaucracy in Canada it was plotted with a deliberate malice, much as the Labour Party in Britain schemed to turn England into a 3rd World Country the better to “Rub Conservative Noses In Diversity” as they put it.

      In Canada the Politicians themselves were likely just ignorant of the havoc great numbers of Islamists would cause and my goodness but they had immigration targets to meet. However their ignorance of Islam combined with an immigration policy reduced to a politically motivated vote buying scam has caused vast harm to our society. For that they should pay as dearly as anyone.

      Regardless of motive they all drink the Kumbaya Multicult Kool-Aid and all assume that everyone is just like them so how could Islam be a “Bad Thing”?

      Anyone who dares question the PC orthodoxy is obviously a racist H8tr!

      They are idiots at their best and useful idiots for Islam at their worst.

      • WalterBannon

        I care not for their motives. It is treason and they should be hung for it

    • Seneca III

      No point in beating around the bush if we are to survive. The current ‘Political Class’, as you describe it, must be exterminated and replaced. As simple as that.

  • Dana Garcia

    Ethnic ghettos are a sign of too many immigrants to be assimilated. It’s true of any tribe, not just hostile Muslims.

    California is expert at fostering modern tribalism as shown by Los Angeles.

    • True enough. Multicult is a divide and conquer strategy with the government holding charges of racism in their whip hand if you oppose the destruction of your nation and heritage.

      • Seneca III

        Yes. But they are not trapped in a ‘digital ghetto’. They exist within a fourteen century long evolutionary time warp, an irrational, barbarian cul-de-sac, and there is no way we can escape being dragged in with them unless we can find a way to eject them from the West or take the terrible but necessary steps to eradicate them and all of their indoctrinated spawn now infesting the festering occupied territories within our own homeland.

        Hard call, that.

  • pdxnag

    Great summation there. Reads like an epilogue for a vanishing West, until it is nothing but a barely perceptible whimper.

  • Gary

    The racists white Liberals embraced Toronto’s multiculturalism because the Governments throw money at Immigrants and refugees to self-segregate and have their “Little–( insert Country here) ” and stay the hell out of THEIR wealthy white neighbourhoods with the crime, drugs,single moms , honour killings and poverty.
    Liberals have used Immigrants for their votes and seem to know that they are ignorant peons too stupid to see it or know that they are part of a Ponzie scheme soon to implode once the debts eat-up 90% of the budgets where the FREE-Stuff will stop flowing.