In Canada We Call It Multiculturalism – UK: Ex Radical Recruiter Speaks Out About Islam’s Ghetto

We must prise British Muslims out of their ‘digital ghettos’: Former extremist calls for end to separation between different faiths

“During my teenage years as an Islamist recruiter, I moved to live in self-contained communities in the London boroughs of Newham and Tower Hamlets. During those years, I met Muslims who were born and raised in this country but for whom English was their second, and barely literate, language.

Street signs were in Bangladeshi and employment opportunities were limited to Indian restaurants, community centres and grocery stores. As I went between the Islamic Society in my college and university, the mosque, the halal takeaway and visited the homes of my male Muslim friends, it was entirely possible for me to get through my day without interacting in any meaningful way with a single non-Muslim.

Why should this matter? For many reasons, but an important one is this: because isolated communities just like this, whether in deprived Dewsbury in West Yorkshire or more affluent Buckinghamshire, are sending British citizens to join Islamic State, the most terrifying terrorist group of modern times.”

I give the author A for effort, but he fails to point out that Islam is a supremacist cult. It does not play well with others, anywhere, ever, unless those others submit to dhimmitude and even then it will persecute and discriminate against religious and ethnic minorities because Islam that’s why. The Ghetto he refers to is self imposed, each brick in the wall a Koran.

The craven political class in Britain and here in Canada are also to blame as it is they who have enabled this mess, in fact they encourage it. They know damn well that mass Muslim immigration was a huge mistake, but they won’t admit it and they will look to criminalize anyone who speaks out about the grotesque threat to our society that their malicious incompetence has wrought.

Multiculturalism is the anvil,  the charge of racism the hammer.

The political class should be jailed not us.