Evening photo…

And Vape Update.

Vaping is going fine.  No analogs smoked at all for what is that now a month already? Thank you.

vaper girl

  • bob e

    i could become a ‘vapist’ lookin’ at these babes ..

    ps great blog tonite BCF .. sunday always a tough nite for me
    & i love the banter & insanity that lives here ..

  • BillyHW

    I’m sorry, what did you say?

  • Norman_In_New_York

    They are definitely not “vapid.”

    Here is another recruit from the IDF. You might compare her to a comic book hero. In uniform, she is Clark Kent, but when she hits the beach, she becomes Superbabe. Please welcome Noga David.


  • ntt1

    dammit that’s firm as all get out but far from crisp.

  • Jay Currie

    I am so confused…Vaping seems to have the same effect as Viagra. Is that a thing or is it just auto suggestion?

  • Xavier

    BCF, can you give me details about the type and cost of your vaping unit? My brother and his wife are visiting and I’d like to tell them about your success – and try to get them off analogs.

    That first pic – oh my, pale skin and dark hair. Oh my.

    • Hi Xavier,

      I use the eLeaf iStick 30 watt, this video from this year lists pricing and some web US web sites, it’s not expensive at all.

      Less than 40 bucks in the US.

      Note you have to buy vape juice and the disposable coils as a recurring cost, but still much less expensive than smoking.

      Here’s the vid


  • AlanUK

    Effective way to draw attention to an important message – vapeing is good and far less harmful than analogues (odd term?).
    The greatest harm is from deep inhaling of the chemicals produced by combustion.
    (Maybe you need something to encourage the ladies?)

  • Clink9

    Keep calm and vape on.

  • cmh

    vaping is smoking…. the only difference is you do not have the ammonia delivery system