Confederate flags burned and monuments defaced as South Carolina protesters lash out in wake of racially motivated Charleston church massacre

Protesters in South Carolina have begun burning Confederate flags and defacing monuments as the debate as to whether or not the flag should fly over the state’s capital intensifies in the wake of Wednesday’s brutal massacre that saw nine people murdered because they were black.

Dylann Roof has been charged with nine counts of murder after attending a Bible study class at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church in Charleston and then opening fire on those in attendance.

It has been reported that when asked to stop during the brutal killings, Roof said; ‘No, you’ve raped our women, and you are taking over the country … I have to do what I have to do.’

  • BillyHW
    • lolwut?

      They even had to round the white on black rapes number up because the number was so low.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    So the multiculturalists get to pick and chose which cultures are more equal than others?

  • lolwut?

    A few HDTV’s and some Air Jordans and they’ll get over it.

  • Funny how no one mentioned those 10 people shot in Detroit.

  • bob e

    wonder who came up with the shooters quotes ..
    since all women are ‘ho’s’ to the ever downward evolving blackman ,
    it really dosen’t matter .. always marching cause they don’t work ..
    kill, burn, loot, tag, & sue the feds for 2 BILLION 5 in pigford 1 & 2 for racism
    be-cause de-marcus can’t grow no roofa’ from the window flowa’ pot .. in his gov’t
    subsidised house ..

    EFF ’em they are full of shit ..every last one of ’em ..

  • wallyj180

    ” Black lives mater ”

    ‘No,that not be right, spray a line down dere’

    Education does matter.
    The Christians at the church today showed why.

  • Jay Currie

    Can’t say I blame them. The little creep was a racist loser.

    The BS at Ferguson or the various other SJW icon incidents does not for an instant diminish the righteous outrage black people and all decent people feel at the murder of these perfectly innocent Christians.

    • G

      I wouldn’t blame them either if I didn’t think their actions were just another excuse to run around on the street & burn stuff.

      If they did this ONCE for THIS reason their anger and actions would be quite understandable. But it isn’t ONCE. It’s the probably the 323rd this year alone so it really seems to ring a bit hollow when they talk about their outrage.
      What will be your excuse for rioting next week? Or will you even bother to invent one?
      How many white gangs do you see running around burning pictures of Rosa Parks when a black person kills a white?

      When, daily you riot and blame innocent white people for your own sloth, stupidity and lack of contribution it’s not surprising that sooner or later some nutcase is going to get super angry about it, go completely looney and pull some nutso shit like this.

      You can pull some dog’s tails all day and they’ll do nothing. But if you pull a thousand dog’s tails all day every day is it surprising when you get bit?

    • Glenfilthie

      Oh sod off, Jay. The kid was a nut bar acting on his own – and black idiots are reacting like we’re all in it. Let us be honest about something else too – this is just the usual social justice warriors shedding crocodile tears to push their racist agenda: if it had been a black thug murdering white women at bible study – the dog eared old race card would never have been played.

      Every time something like this happens I’m supposed to fall over myself to grovel at the feet of blacks and try and tell them how much I love them. When are they going to apologize for all the attacks on whites? When will you hear Obama or Sharpton acknowledge the problem of the Knockout Game and pledge to do something about it?

      This is a tradgedy like any other, where people refused to exercise their right to self defence and paid with their lives.

  • Guest

    Bunch of Leftists pretending they’re upset about a bunch of Christians being slaughtered when in reality they’re probably secretly overjoyed.

  • eMan14

    If “Black Lives Matter”…. prove it. I’m not being facetious when I say it. Millions of black people do prove it every day. Be what they are. But those of you who think it’s ok to loot, shoot, and kill. To vandalize or join street gangs. Exist in a drug culture. Explain to me how that is going to help your cause. It doesn’t. And it makes your situation worse.
    Black lives do matter. Those people in that Church did not deserve to die at the hands of that psycho. And yes I expect you to get angry about it. Don’t however succumb to the politics of hate. Comfort those who have been hurt. Rise above those who seek to keep you down. Become a better person. Take control of your own life. Don’t let the state do it.

  • mauser 98

    Clinton had no problem with Confederacy flag in 1987

    “In 1987, when her husband was governor of Arkansas, Bill Clinton signed
    Act 116 that stated “The blue star above the word “ARKANSAS” is to
    commemorate the Confederate States of America.” ”

  • John

    At this moment the worst abuse of Blacks is occuring in The Dominican Republic. Authorities are rounding up those deemed ‘too black’…even pêople born there… in order to deport them to Haiti. If you’re dark skinned and cannot prove you were born in The Dominican Republic ( we’re talking of potentially 100s of 1000s of individuals), you get a free trip to Haiti.
    So light-skinned Latinos in a western nation are cleansing the country of Blacks and no one anywhere is saying anything about it. Nope, Blacks in the States are on the warpath to ban the confederate flag…such do Black lives matter.
    It’s absolutely astounding that such population transfers motivated by nothing other than crude racism can take place right under our noses and the media and Black leaders say virtually nothing about it. Where are the protests? Where are the calls for sanctions and divestment? Where are those indignant Social Justice Warriors?
    The murders in South Carolina are a god-send to the race whores on just so, SO many levels.

    • mauser 98

      never let a crisis go to waste

  • andycanuck

    Weasel Zippers has been reporting on the local population, white and black, coming together over this and telling the hired, outside agitators to get lost; and Instapundit has linked a Twitter feed of them marching together. So I have alot of hope it won’t turn into Baltimore. And blacks and whites interact together daily in the South alot more than in the North so there’s not quite the animosity there as in Northern slums and surrounding areas.

  • DMB

    If the confederate flag is more offensive to you then the ISIS flag than your a liberal.