3 sisters who joined Isis with their 9 children ‘used benefits cash to fund trip & are still being paid every month by taxpayers’

The three Bradford sisters feared to have joined Islamic State in Syria are still able to claim hundreds of pounds in benefits from British taxpayers, it has been reported.

Khadija, 30, Zohra, 33, and 34-year-old Sugra Dawood – who along with their nine children are believed to be in the clutches of the terrorist group – are also said to have used Income Support and Child Tax Credits to fund their trip.

It is believed the sisters can still draw the cash from ATMs or get their ISIS handlers to travel into Turkey for it. The Government is now probing the claims.

  • Yo Mama

    It sounds exactly like OCAP and Dr. Roland Wong signing up thousands of people, a disproportionate amount from the Dixon Road and Islington area and north Etobicoke, with fake ailments for the Ontario government’s Special Diet Program really meant for the seriously or terminally ill on Ontario Works and Disability benefits.

    Even with the Ontario Liberal government’s across the board cuts to the program including to those who were legitimately on it, the fraud continues to cost taxpayers tens of millions of dollars annually. They refuse to go after those fraudulently on it, nor after OCAP to see what if any kickbacks they received, nor after Dr. Wong, who received $1.8 million from OHIP, $20 per form, for filling out 90,000 forms which he could not have possibly filled out himself, even though he was eventually sanctioned and temporarily prevented from practising medicine by the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons. Why has OHIP not investigated the signatures to see if they are even his?

    Why is the Ontario government not investigating any fraud, trying to put and end to any fraud, or trying to get any money fraudulently obtained back?

    How much of those tens of millions of dollars, that continues to be given out, is ending up in the hands of Al Shabaab?

    • eMan14

      Cause to do so would be racist? Not aware of this.. thanks for the info.

      • Observer

        To only read the Dr. Roland Wong stories related to the special diet and his OCPS 6 month license suspension and $35,000 fine see

        I have no idea if there was political interference to prevent the OPP the investigation of fraud against OHIP for the forms, the question of forgery of the doctor’s signature on government forms, and fraud against Ministry of Community and Social Services for all these benefits, is beyond me.

        The only reason the Ontario College of Physicians and Surgeons looked into the matter, was a complaint by Rob Ford. If you look into the number of sanctions by the OCPS against its members you will see it is rare and only done in the worst instances of endangering lives, professional incompetence and fraud. So why have the police and government apparently done nothing, even after the OCPS ruling?

        It also brings up the question about why Bill Blair went so easy on OCAP and the OPP does nothing about OCAP when they are clearly a criminal organisation?

    • That scandal is ongoing I bet.

    • Observer

      Kathleen seems to support us Kaffirs paying the jizyya.

    • mobuyus

      The Ontario government are the real islamaphobes. Check out the spike in autism rates among somali teenage boys in Ontario or anywhere else that will top up welfare cheques for this affliction. For people who find it difficult to communicate in English they sure know the ins and outs of the welfare system. Immigration consultants who oil this machine with our tax money should be taken out and shot. The liberal government will do nothing about these crimes because it is coming from one of their protected class of pets.

    • Ottawa Eyes

      There should be some sort of online campaign to demand a criminal investigation into all the people OCAP or Dr. Wong were involved in signing up for these benefits, and if there were any criminal acts by OCAP members, Dr. Wong, or the recipients of these benefits and to get this money back.
      If this is a continuing situation as is being claimed, IT MUST BE STOPPED!
      If the police won’t act and if the politicians are covering it up in spite of all the newspaper articles about Dr. Wong describing most of the situation, we must raise such a stink that the government and the Attorney General’s office must take action!

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    ‘Called it!

  • BillyHW

    People who support welfare are immoral and will go to hell when they die if they don’t properly repent beforehand.

  • tom_billesley

    Their families blame West Yorkshire Police. I guess they’ll sue.

    UK police were “complicit” in the “grooming and radicalising” of three Bradford sisters believed to be in Syria with their nine children, solicitors for their families say.
    Officers “actively” encouraged the women to contact their brother thought to be fighting in Syria, solicitors said in a letter to MP Keith Vaz. There was “reckless disregard” for the consequences of such contact, they say.


  • Well spent tax money.

    More government please.

    These poor people need help.

  • Gary

    How sad that muslims shame allah by having to flee islamic nations as refugees, then, CHOOSE to travel up to 5000 miles to live in a non-islamic nation , then it gets worse….. many make a refugee claims FROM islam and really shame allah by going on Welfare for ever with NO skills to be employable.

    Talk about a poster-person for why you should NOT be a muslim.