The Holy Father is wrong to say that our way of life is doomed

Like Mrs Thatcher on the steps of Downing Street in 1979, the Pope invokes St Francis of Assisi to help solve a crisis. When he got his current job, he took the name of Francis “as my guide and inspiration”. He takes the title of his new encyclical on climate change and the environment from Francis’ words “Laudato si, mi Signore” (“Praise be to you, my Lord”). Traditionally, the Catholic Church works to save souls. Now it is trying to save the planet as well.

h/t Dr. J

  • Discussions about materialism can be had. There should be no problem with that. There can even be discussions about technology as an end to itself. However, the idea that technology as a means to achieve progress and as a means to quickly finish work leaving time for prayer, ect has been around for ages. Surely Pope Francis knows this.

    • The Butterfly

      The people who can’t stop talking about fighting materialism are the biggest materialists I know.

      • The Occupy morons don’t count because they don’t really have conversations, just shouting-fests.

    • just a thought

      He doesn’t talk, act or write like he knows it. (see link I posted earlier, in addition to what BCF links to.) I think he means well, but he’s a bumpkin, who thinks with his kishkes, and not his head. And “everything he knows” about how to save the poor “is wrong.” Like Obama, he’s an amateur trying to do the job of a professional, and is failing miserably.

      • That’s the problem. I don’t think he’s been on the ground, so to speak.

    • mauser 98

      “you don’t need any more stuff , so we will tax you more to save the environment”

      • Read the encyclical. It’s not like that and not every discussion on materialism is automatically an attack on capitalism. Is the Occupy whiner with a rich mum and dad likely to sell his tablets and cell phones and give the proceeds to the poor?

        (SEE: Jesus, warning, hypocrites, Occupiers, douchebags with cash)

        • Gaian

          You’re one to talk about douchebags, mash-mouth, you’re the scummiest one going.

          • El Martyachi

            Because it’s Sunday and this thread happens to be religious, I’ll spare you the usual response. But, see you soon 😉

          • What’s the matter, Gaian? You can talk freely here. We’re all here for you.

    • El Martyachi

      … haven’t read his encyclical and probably won’t – so I’m spitballing even more than usual; BUT ..
      1. Clerical references to materialism are typically not what you’re talking about.
      2. The Catholic church is desperately scrambling for any form of unity, anywhere and everywhere. “Climate change” related efforts in this context is less of an end than a means.

      • So you haven’t read the encyclical? Even the part where he calls trans-genderism fruity?

        The Church doesn’t need to appeal to anyone. It is what it is.

  • This pope is a (leftist) fool.

    The bulk of Christian holy lands have been overrun by Muslims. Thousands of his Christian flock is being murdered by Muslims. And somehow he fails to grasp the gravity of the situation.

    At the rate Muslim invaders are arriving in Italy, the Vatican will be Muslim in a generation.

    • Alain

      Allow me to change that to this pope is a marxist tool.

      • The Butterfly

        This pope is an embarrassment.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    For the sake of the Church, the pope is best off sticking to saving souls. The earth will take care of itself.

  • just a thought

    Some pretty good insights into what’s wrong with this nincompope’s thinking, and why it’s wrong.

  • just a thought

    Just found on one of my favorite blogs: “Greenie Watch” has a collection of posts on the subject of the the pope’s superficial “solutions” to the world’s problems, here.
    At the bottom of the first of that day’s posts he includes a comment from a reader.

    Now we see revealed to the world why the nethermost Americas are so
    poorly governed when a leading intellectual can reel out the warmist pap
    as an article of faith.

    As you say, we all expect better of a Jesuit. There wasn’t the slightest
    hint of critical thought, or scientific investigation. There was no
    attempt at balance or dispassionate analysis. The language is the
    intemperate bile of the zealot. No hint of a document revised time and
    again by the finest minds in the Vatican to ensure intellectual
    respectability or philosophical thoroughness. It’s a schoolboy’s first
    draft, an outpouring of passionately held, but not critically examined

    OUCH! And I heartily concur.

  • warrenzoell

    This pope needs to be kicked out on his ass.

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