ShoeLocaust Survivor Asghar Bukhari Publishes 3rd Video!

This is one deep fried Islamist.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    So let me get this straight.
    A dog, or whatever, came into his house, chewed up his slippers, left them in the neighbor’s garden, and that his proof that there is a Zionist plot afoot?
    Deep fried like a Mars Bar he is.

    • ntt1

      it was a bear or possibly a tiger as lions have been extinct in Britain for many years.

      • Zaba

        It was a Saber Tooth.

    • Zaba

      What has not been mentioned:
      muzlims believe in ‘spirits’ called jinn and capable of anything.

      • ntt1

        The Brits believe in Gin, and given enough are also capable of anything.

  • Martin B

    Israel: Driving Muslims Insane Since 1948.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Nah. That would be – ” Mohammad – Making muslims batshit crazy for millennia ”

      Israel has NOTHING to do with the obviously unbalanced state of your average muslim.

      • Zaba

        Jews do.

        Here’s why:

        mohammed designed islam as a replacement
        and superior ‘religion’ to Judaism and Christianity.
        allah the moon god ‘told him’ that Christianity was corrupt and Judaism extinct.
        Ergo, the very existence of breathing Jews and Christians
        (forget even about Israel….) calls into question the ‘perfect and unchangeable’ koran
        and it’s main spokesperson, pedophile mo.

        To challenge the koran is blasphemy,
        the penalty as we know, is death.

    • Zaba

      Jews: Driving Muslims Insane Since 627 CE when the rejected mo.

  • edlancey

    Next he’ll be telling us a child molester took a trip to Jerusalem on a flying horse…

  • Nic

    Damn, he’s just too sharp for us.

    I confess, I’m part of the mossad slipper cell, how could he see thru our brilliant plan?

    • Mal

      Some slipper agent you are, Nic.
      So much for any “sabotage” you might’ve committed.

      • Nic

        And we would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for that meddling Asghar.

        • Zaba

          That, and 14 centuries of muzlim inbreeding.

  • What Sacha Baron-Cohen up to these days?

  • Sir Roderick Spode

    This is what they do…… they waste time.

  • Sir Roderick Spode

    Whilst you waste you time on this bullshit. The are reaching around for your back.

  • ntt1

    Best possible advertisement for the deranged cult of the false prophet, some thing ate the bird found with his now non halal slippers, considering his living in very urban Britain I am thinking bear or Tiger is to blame. any other creature is just too far fetched. And Mossad is too damn busy weaponizing mosquitos and small mammals to further terrorize the pieces loving followers of the pederast.

    • Zaba

      ALL of their ‘acting out’ is good advertising…….

  • Rosenmops

    Is this real or satire?

    • moraywatson


  • Reader
  • Waffle

    My feline gave up shoes (and feet) a while back. He much prefers the plastic-coated wires on headphones.

    Note to Asghar: I keep telling you, it was Klepto Kitty. The feathers should have been your first clue.

  • Rosenmops

    Mossad agent?

    • ntt1

      the skull cap is a dead give away

    • Zaba

      CIA disguised as Mossad.

  • Justin St.Denis

    Mad muslims make up many merry mysteries to mystify mummies and their many muffins.

    Never believe a word outta the mouth of a muslim with solid PROOF.

    • Zaba

      called takiya

  • Tom Forsythe

    I prefer nakbata to shoelocaust.

  • Gary

    This guy also believes that muhammed rose from the grave and mounted a flying horse that took him up into paradise to be with allah.

    • Zaba

      I think that was a dream mo had while still alive.

  • Canadian

    Martians, definitely!
    They love the smell of muzzie feet.

  • bob e

    it was that friggin’ hebrew tyrannosaur …

  • DMB

    I think the underpants gnomes took it! LOL