‘Oh my God, I’m dying’

The last words from Texas teenager Sarah Said were ‘Oh my God, I’m dying’. Then the 911 emergency operator heard a barrage of gunshots. 

Sarah, 17, and her sister Amina, 18, were found shot 11 times in the back of their father’s taxi, abandoned in a hotel parking lot in 2008.

Their father Yaser Abdel Said is wanted by the FBI for their murders.

Now seven years on, a documentary called ‘The Price of Honor’ which was screened in Washington this week explores the sisters’ story and brings to light the subject of honor killings in the US.


  • Sir Roderick Spode

    Spare the .45 spoil the child.

  • Dave

    WOW! Obummer is actually allowing a documentary showing a dark side of muslim life? I’m shocked. Shocked I tell ya!

  • BG

    Have the makers of this film been accused of “Islamophobia” yet?

  • BillyHW

    Even animals love their own children. What does that make a muslim?

  • Gary

    Yaser is either at the TDSB or will be the new head of the Toronto Police Services Board .
    Ms.May at the GREEN party could use him and Khadr for the islamist vote.

  • Hard Little Machine

    If they catch him he’ll make a speech at the Democratic National Convention next year.