Kazakh IS Militant Posts Photos Of Central Asian ‘Caliphate Cubs’

A social-media account run by an Islamic State (IS) militant who claims to be from Kazakhstan has posted a number of photographs of Central Asian children, some of whom he claims are ethnic Kyrgyz.

The militant, who calls himself Artyom, maintained an account on the Russian-language social network VKontakte until it was blocked on June 13. RFE/RL has obtained screen grabs of several of his posts, including those where he posted photographs of Central Asian children.

Artyom claimed on his VKontakte account that he is from Atyrau, Kazakhstan’s main Caspian Sea port. He posted a photograph of himself on June 9 sitting in front of a store with two small boys whom he claimed were Kyrgyz children. The boys, both of whom appear to be under the age of 10, are dressed in military fatigues.

  • mauser 98

    Artyom looks like Alex Van Halen

  • canminuteman

    Kazakhstan is populated by the descendants of Genghis Khans’ Golden Horde. They arose in Mongolia, conquered China and went west as far as Poland and Hungary. They defeated the last army that could have stopped them from overrunning all of western Europe, in Hungary. Genghis died, and his son who commanded the army in the west made the decision to take his army and go back to Mongolia so he wouldn’t be usurped by his brother who was in the capitol. That move saved western civilization. If the Kazakhs get uppity, I say we nuke them just to be on the safe side.