“Islamic! Islamic!” Muslim Persecutions of Christians, April, 2015

Just two months after the Islamic State [IS] published a video depicting its membersslaughtering 21 Coptic Christians in Libya, on Sunday, April 19, the jihadi Islamic groupreleased another video of more Christians in Libya — approximately 30 Ethiopians — disparagingly referred to by an IS spokesman as “worshippers of the cross” — being butchered for not paying jizya, extortion money demanded of the “People of the Book” who refuse to convert to Islam, according to Koran 9:29.

Some of the Christians were shot execution-style in the back of their heads, the others had their heads carved off, like the Copts before them.

  • Sir Roderick Spode

    Just goes to show how ghastly and xenophobic we white people can wind up being when we ignore our kindergarten teacher. Always a big mistake.

  • US President Hussain ‘Insane’ Obola says, the US is “not at war with Pisslam – we are at war with the people. And pisslamofauxbes who draw cartoons of our beloved paedophile pretend prophet Motard”.

    The FBI is investigating whether the fatal burning of 21 Coptic Christians in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, was a hate crime. ‘What is the definition of this offence, and how do you prove it?’ asks Raj Vaidyanathanathanath.

    Brother Obola was speaking to representatives from 60 dhimmocracies attending a three-day event on inner struggle that follows community tensions in Denmark, France and Somalia.

    “This has hate crime written all over it,” said Mohammad Abu Salha, as he delivered a moving address at the conference.

    Mr Obola said the world had to confront the ideologies that radicalise people, and said that he would be working with the FCC to ban ‘extremist rhetoric’ coming over microwaves from Mars.

    He said those heading groups like the US and UK were not terrorists but political leaders .

    MrObola said associating Pisslamic Satan or al-Quds with Pisslam would be buying into the propaganda of those groups, challenging critics who have questioned him for not describing recent attacks as the work of “Pisslamic inner struggle practitioners”.


  • ontario john

    Yes readers, its time for the annual contest on how many Christians the religion of peace can kill during Ramadan ding dong. I’m wagering 7000 Christian deaths this holiday season. And we have the added attraction of increased beheadings and floggings in Mecca for this festival.

  • Sir Roderick Spode

    Gosh I know LITTLE BIT bout electronics ? Perhaps a bit of close to home tuition?

  • Sir Roderick Spode

    Made a big mistake just then … had a go at the Americans..

  • BillyHW

    And our chormosomally-gifted pope think Climate Change is our biggest threat.