Home school numbers skyrocket in Canada: parents ‘dissatisfied’ with public education, says expert

June 19, 2015 (LifeSiteNews.com) — More and more Canadians from diverse backgrounds are opting to teach their children right in the comfort of their own home, according to a new report.

A review released earlier this week from the Fraser Institute found that official enrollment of kids being home schooled grew by 29 percent across the country between 2007 and 2012: that is, from 16,773 being schooled at home to 21,662.

The actual rate of growth may be much higher since many home schooling parents do not tell local or provincial authorities that they are schooling their children at home.

  • irishrus

    Who needs classrooms with every subject at every level on youtube to watch and listen undisturbed in comfort…. to speed up, slowdown or replay
    in other words smarter teachers under your own control… parents don’t even have to teach just need to set courses by reputable youtube educators.

    Why is Ontario spending billions on make work projects for blackmailing unions?

    • Clausewitz

      We need charter schools in Canada, but our betters in the Liberal government declared them racist, er homophobic, um Islamophobic, Jesus who can keep up with this shit anymore.

  • Xavier

    Home schooling will become illegal in the U.S. under the next administration on the grounds of radicalization. Private schools will be regulated and taxed to the point that only the super rich and super connected will be able to use the few that stay in business. All other students will be forced to attend public schools, although blacks will have their own schools complete with black educators, black administrators, and a black grading system.

    Because equality.

  • mauser 98

    see previous bitchy dyke teachers post

  • QiPo

    My wife taught at both private Christian and public schools. 22 years ago we purchased a new home to be in the “best” school zones when our kids were 3 and 5. At ages 6 and 8 we jerked them out of school for they were being transformed into not-our-children before our eyes. Negative peer pressures and teachers who had to spend 90% of their time on 10% of the kids (we observed this) led to our fearful jump into home schooling. Best thing we could have done. Better than our wildest dreams. Tons of support from the HS community, tons of socialization through groups and outside activities, and our children both thrived and excelled. College was near a stroll through the park for them. They are not geniuses. They were given a chance by being cultivated in good mind soil and not the garbage from our US public ed system. Trips we took as a family to places like the British Museum. Our proof is in our pudding. We HIGHLY encourage those who can to take this leap of faith. After all, it is for…wait for it… THE CHILDREN and our next generations. Be brave, and…wait for it…PRAY for your kids every single day. Today there are many safe online resources. Go explore Kahn Academy for example.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Agree with most of what you wrote. I would add that some private schools are excellent. The Waldorf Academy schools are downright amazing! Our youngest was educated at Waldorf, was trilingual by the time she was 12, and took a year off at 16 AFTER graduating and BEFORE enrolling in university (with the intention of becoming a nuclear physicist, which she did).

      • Clink9

        At those prices though, I would expect Grey Poupon on every sandwich!

  • Waffle

    The proliferation of the after-school tutoring centres should have been the first clue. When it started to become obvious that kids were not being taught the 3Rs during the school day and one was having to spend a small fortune on tutoring to ensure they would, it became time to take alternative action.

  • Clink9

    There has to be more flexibility in the education system. If a parent wants to home school or opt for private school they still have to pay taxes into the public system.

    The teachers unions and school boards can follow their own agenda with our cash.

  • ntt1

    this growth will only be slowed by adoption of a voucher system that returns curriculum control back into the hands of parents by giving them choices.
    The teachers unions are shot full of radical Marxist feminists and need to be culled