Charleston church killer’s racist ‘manifesto’ revealed: Gunman left hate-filled rants on website calling black people ‘stupid and violent’ and how he wants Jews to be painted BLUE

Charleston killer Dylann Roof apparently left a ranting, racist manifesto on the internet calling for a new civil war in America before staging his massacre in a church.

A website hosting the document, seemingly written by Roof, 21, not long before the killings at the Emanuel AME Church emerged Saturday, and said he had ‘no choice’ but to carry out the massacre.

On the site, he pinpoints Charleston, South Carolina, as his target because of its high proportion of blacks, bemoans that there is ‘no real KKK’ to help him, and claims he has ‘no choice’ but to act.

The site also contained a cache of images of Roof burning the America flag, spitting on it, posing next to Confederate landmarks and standing menacingly with a gun pointed at the camera.