Canadian urinates on Florence cathedral dome

A Canadian tourist has been hit with a fine after relieving himself at the top of Florence’s cathedral dome, which is celebrated globally as an architectural masterpiece.

The 37-year-old Canadian man had climbed the 463 steps to the top of the cathedral dome when he had the urge to urinate, La Nazione reported.

Realizing that architect Filippo Brunelleschi had not had the foresight to include toilets in his 15th century dome design, the tourist decided to pee in the porter’s lodge.

  • DD_Austin

    A Canadian? What the hell is that anymore
    Jerk could be from anywhere on the planet and still be a “Canadian”
    That how far the government has degraded that currency
    They can toss my fellow “Canadian” off the top of the tower
    as an example for all i care

  • ntt1

    When the original copper roof was installed on the Hotel Vancouver, the workers were encouraged to pee on it to help speed up the green patination process, hope this helps in keeping a perspective. and yeah what kind of Canadian? one of hoser majesty (likely) or a hyphenated crypto jihadist?

    • El Martyachi

      If the former.. he’ll drink for free forever.

  • “Multicultural” Canadian who doesn’t get that in some countries being rude is offensive?

  • Jay Currie


  • just a thought

    At least he didn’t get naked and cause an earthquake.

  • Mal

    Name and shame the jerk, then throw the book at him.
    (That said, I seem to remember something about shrines to the Madonna being the traditional deterrent to cut down on the Italian peasants’ propensity of relieving themselves in the darker corners of even sacred buildings.)
    It doesn’t make what that disrespectful numbnuts did any more acceptable, especially as a visitor.
    I’ll be interested to learn his name, however, as I have a suspicion – amounting to a conviction – that it wasn’t just a matter of him being taken short, as it were.

  • Justin St.Denis

    If he was “Canadian-Canadian”, they would have named him, the city where he resides, his profession and his employer. It’s a fact!